Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight as Noah, Wil, Gabey Baby and I were headed home I noticed how beautiful the sky was. I went through  a drive through and drove to the boat landing to spend some special time with my boys. Ok, let's face it I would have driven through the drive through and spent some special time with my recliner if it had been raining. Anyway we get situated and I am excited about making memories for my children. After all this is just one of those moments that I would have remembered from my childhood. Sharing a meal in a special place with my family. Right when we parked two dolphins swam slowly by. There was a beautiful breeze wafting through the open windows. David Crowder Band was softly playing in the background.The boys got out for a few minutes and I snapped a few pics. I am so happy. I wish times like this could last forever. Just me and my boys!

And then reality.

And reality is this...

Wil: How exactly are we supposed to split these 10 chicken fingers. I only got one measly piece of turkey for lunch. I am starving. Noah gets a good lunch... I know because Jake told me (editor's note-EVERYTHING Jake says is the gospel. Just know that...Jake is ALWAYS right). He can choose hamburgers or pizza and I am starving. Do I have to share with Gabe too because I am really hungry. I mean I will share but how many do I have to give him. And do we need to take some home too because I am really hungry.

Noah: Oh my gosh! That chicken by Wil butt! I can't eat that chicken because it by his butt and he butt have germ and that make me sick and you got no han gel. Oh my gosh! Why he put that chicken by he foot. That foot have germ. Now I not eat anything ALL DAY! They only have the chicken at for lunch and that chicken RAW! That chicken raw have germ. That germ make me sick. Now I can't go to school cause that germ from he butt and he foot make me sick and school give me chicken raw. Why we not eat at home? I go home now.

Gabe: Up! Up! Out! OUt! Paci! Eat!

And then I start choking on my chicken...and then I throw up.

Memories that will last a lifetime. That is what I did tonight people. Memories for a lifetime! I wish I was making this stuff up.


  1. Add that I called and was yelling at you that it was not safe to be at the landing all while your choking.

  2. This is priceless....

  3. rotfl okay i am hooked! I was just gonna read the most recent blog and I have started at the begining now.

  4. Rachel- While I know you only through Amy and my son Jack, I have to tell you that you HAVE to write a book! I'm totally hooked, have been reading your blog for an hour and laughing my tail off! This is great! Tonya Dangerfield