Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make a Joyful Noise!

I should start out this post by saying I am truly blessed. God has given me many talents. I can paint, I can write, I can organize (well anything but my laundry) but one thing God did not see fit to bless me with is a beautiful singing voice. With that being said... I LOVE TO SING! Oh my do I love to sing. I sing along to the radio, I sing to my babies (good thing one of them is deaf...he is so lucky), I sing to the kids at the daycare, I sing going down the road (I see a blue car, a blue car, a blue car! Don't you wish we carpooled?) and I sing in the bathtub (I need to specify bathtub because heaven forbid I get into the shower), When I was growing up I'd put a pillow over my head and sing at the top of my lungs when I was supposed to be going to sleep. (Years later my mom told me the whole house heard me singing...she thought it was funny. Me...scarred for life.) You know how when you sing along to the radio you start to think you maybe, just maybe, are starting to sound really good? Yeah, let me just tell you the answer is... I don't. So why did God not see fit to give me a talent for something I enjoy so much? I can only guess that when the day comes and the new earth is upon us I will be making a joyful noise and it will sound...well heavenly!

I am thinking about singing today because it is Wednesday. I know what you are night...choir. I can see that. But oh no... the reason is so much bigger than that. It is Wednesday. Which means yesterday was Tuesday. Which means last night I was treated to 2 full hours of Glee. Oh yes...I do so love Glee. Not so much the story line... I could deal with no teenage pregnancy or homophobic football players. But the music...oh the music! I posted on my facebook that Glee makes me tingly all over. It is true. I could cry now just thinking about it. I don't care if it is Lady Gaga or Lulu, (and by the way how awesome they can bring back To Sir, With Love and make it cool...Sidney Portier must be that movie) John Denver or Color Me Badd, Avril Lavigne or The Monkees, as long as it is theatrical I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Can I just say I would love to break out in song and dance (by the way, dancing ability? Not so much...another thing to look forward to beyond the pearly gates...coordination!) but I am pretty sure Charles would have me committed...or have the cable shut off- whichever was easier. I did however know, for sure and for true, the day Charles sat and watched "Bye Bye Birdie" in it's entirety, with me singing along that I had in fact married a man of great character.

And can we just talk openly about musicals for a minute? I think Rogers and Hammerstien were a gift sent straight from heaven. How can things be bad when you have a "spoonfull of sugar"? Musicals make you feel that you can "Climb Every Mountain" and that "Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with p and that stands for pool" is just a song away from being cast out of your life. Oh I could go on all day. (Just ask Amy and Tom...I sang musical numbers to them all the way back from a trip to Columbia. They were thrilled) Did you get the title of my blog? Yup from a musical. What? You don't recognize it? Well I did take a little literary license with it. It really should say (and please imagine my very best Carol Burnett drunk impression while you are reading this) "Little girls, little girls...everywhere I look I can see them. I'd have cracked years ago if it weren't for my sense of humor". Oh yes... it is from Annie. Could there be a more wonderful musical? It's got everything. Intrigue, dancing, a wet dog, Albert Finney and of course the guy from the Sprite commercials of the 1980's. Well since, as I've mentioned before, we have NO GIRLS in our family I thought the boy title was quite fitting.

So I guess the point of this post is...I love to sing...I can't sing...and life is a caberate my is a caberate! 


  1. I love Phantom of the Opera...Oh how I wish I could sing and so does everyone else that is around me....Thanks for making me laugh Rachel...


  2. omg Emma has the annie cd that we have to play everynight for her to go to bed!