Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bug in Your Stomach

I wrote an excuse yesterday for Noah to turn into his teacher stating that he had a stomach bug. We were on our way to school when he read it. I was driving...Gabe was singing....Wil was complaining...it was a busy morning. He read the note and gave me his famous "what de heck is dat?"! Well being the 2010 Mom of the Year that I am, I just 1/2 way signed that it meant he had been sick. I thought I had done a fairly good job of explaining. He got out of the car and went on his way to middle school.

He must have thought about that bug in his stomach all day. Have I mentioned he is a tad obsessive? Just a tad.

When I picked him up I asked him how his day was. He told me it was good but his tummy felt "eeeghhhh" (not sure how to put that sound onto paper but you get the idea right?). He drank a whole Dr. Pepper so I am assuming it couldn't have been that bad.

When I got back to work I got the good news that our masked bandit may have gotten caught with his Lightning McQueen bookbag! How exciting is that? Our stellar detectives have located a suspect and he even had some walkie-talkies on him! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can close the case of the masked snack stealing, walkie-talkie snatching, Lighting McQueen wearing thief. I'll keep you posted.

After a delightful game of hide and seek with Noah and Wil after working all day (can you hear the sarcasm in my typing?) we loaded up the truck and headed home. I am driving...Gabe is singing....Wil is complaining...and Noah is MOANING (it was a busy afternoon). I looked over at him and asked him (in a very calm and caring voice that can only come after a delightful game of hide and seek) "What is wrong with you?????!!!!". His reply, and I quote "I don't know what wrong with my tummy...I think that bug inside want a Mustang."

Well there you go.

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