Friday, September 30, 2011

A Better Man

So BIG news! My eleven year old has a (shh don't tell him I told you) girlfriend. We will call her Sally. Now, Wil and Sally have gone to school together since 3rd grade. So imagine my surprise when he informed me that he and Sally had decided to "go out". I wondered aloud how this happened and he told me "Oh Jada hooked us up". (Jada is a good friend who rides home with us most days of the week and they have LOTS of time to talk about things such as "going out") Then I asked him what did "going out" in the sixth grade look like. His response? "Oh we just kinda hang out in the courtyard at lunch". I asked him what they did before they started going out. "Mom! We still just hung out in the courtyard together!" I am so glad that is cleared up for me. I wonder what is going to happen to the courtyard hang out when they break up.

Jada told me that she and Wil had a long conversation about Sally in the library yesterday. This was the conversation (and I SOOO wish I could have been there)

Wil: You know Jada, Sally has made me a better man.
Jada: How so Wil?
Wil: Well before Sally I just stood under the water in the shower and now I actually use the soap.

I always wondered why I never needed to buy shampoo.

So dear Sally... thanks for opening up my child eyes to wonder of hygiene. I hope he wears deodorant in the courtyard on the hot days.

And just for all of you who can't make it to the BCOB/LCCC production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat here is a preview of the "Hairy Ishmaelites"   AKA Wil, Pheobe, Lydia and Christy. They could use a little soap themselves.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So This Potty Training Thing is Going to Get Easier...Right?

I know it has been a while since I went through this whole potty training ordeal with Noah and Wil. I didn't think I had forgotten the horror of the accidents. Apparently, as in child birth, my brain has decided to block certain aspects of the intense pain smelly remains of the potty training deal. OR maybe it is the fact that Sweet Gabey Baby may indeed be just a tad bit spoiled. (I know that if his teachers hear me say "He's my last baby" one more time they will revolt and kick him out of the older two year old's class and put him right back in the "He is really an older two but his mommy treats him like a baby so he is spoiled rotten" younger two year old class) He has decided that it is just way easier to have mommy and his teachers change his whole outfit than to stop what he is doing and go potty.

At one point the other night (after a particularly terrible day at work that I am just now able to talk about) I had changed so many pairs of Nemo, Thomas and Lightning McQueen underpants that I gave up and let him just wear a pair of pajama bottoms. AND it was in that time frame he decided that pee pee wasn't the only thing that didn't need to go into the toilet. It only got better when I picked the Walmart bag with THE HUGE HOLE in it to put the mess into. Now cleaning it up once is bad enough...but twice is when I give up for the night...put the child back into a pull-up and make cinnamon rolls for dinner.

Last night when I was packing his bag for school today I asked which underpants he wanted to which he replied..."I just want the diaper".

I may have hit my limit. I can only hope he doesn't go to college in a diaper.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Name Is Rachel and I am a Monopoly Addict

Well it has been a while since we have gotten down to a juicy post. I have excuses...however, none of them are any good. I will say that after the whole phone washing incident and the following years months weeks of isolation I have a new found respect for the people who can't sit at a stop light without checking their facebook. I felt like my left arm was gone. Actually I would probably miss my left arm less than I did my Blackberry.

Ok maybe that is a stretch and I certainly mean no disrespect to my fellow left armless friends out there.

Anyway all that is to say it took a while to recover from the depression following the phone withdrawals. Noah downloaded Monopoly to my new phone and I cannot seem to break myself away from it. Right now I am in the middle of a match with Wheelbarrow- Racecar and Battleship have gone bankrupt and since I have $163,000 and Wheelbarrow has $25,000 and we both have tons of hotels I just don't think it is ever going to end. It truly is the never ending monopoly game. AND that folks is about as sporty as I get.

Things are moving right along with the Squires boys. Middle school is slowly killing us. Well, actually not so slowly. Wil made it exactly 3 weeks before he lost his agenda. It was 2 weeks before Noah wouldn't get out of the car because he forgot to use the bathroom before he left home and to quote him "I can't use that bathroom cause that bathroom have germ and that germ make me sick and if I sick I can't go to school so I need go home to go bathroom cause our bathroom have our germ and I already have our germ and our germ not make me sick so take me home". Does that make you as tired as it makes me?

Gabey Baby is in the middle of potty training which means FUN TIMES! His favorite line is "I don't hava go right now" and then exactly 38 seconds later he has an accident. Can I just say I have found the reason that toddler boxers are not the preferred choice of potty training mothers. They don't seem to hold in quite as much as the tighty whities. He has also added his own sound effects to everything he does. If I do say so myself he is extra talented when it comes to shooting laser sounds. He is all boy...until you ask him what his favorite toy is. Just in case you are wondering it is his purse. It is very beautiful. Black with pink and blue designs on it. He puts cars in it and throws any of the other boys to the ground who try to steal it from him. The girls in the class could care less about it. They would much rather play with the dump truck than the purse. 

Baby Olivia is a joy. She is so beautiful and sweet and good. You could take all of the sweetness from all of our boys and Olivia has more! I can't believe what a difference a girl makes.

I have so much to share but all of my creative juices have been sucked up by this never ending monopoly game. Someone please help me.