Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Girlfriend

I know that one day my boys are going start driving. I know that one day my boys are going to have jobs. I know that one day my boys are going to go on trips without me. I know that one day my boys are going to need me less. I know that one day my boys will be going to go off to college.  (we can only hope and I am not sure how in world we are going to pay for it but none the less...) I know that one day my boys will have...GIRLFRIENDS! I am not ready for that and nor should I be. (a little pedestal talk here...children grow up way too fast these days and are exposed to way too much and back in my day I walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways) However the reality is I need to be aware that this will happen and if I have any hope of having any girls in my family, it better happen. (cause you really can't have granddaughters without your son having a woman to begin with)  

Anyway the day will come but that day is not today! Would you like to know how I know it's not today? Well you can bet I'm gonna tell you. It starts with a problem that any homes with preteen children have. It is an issue many of families bare the burden of. It is an issue that many after-school specials have been made about. (well OK they haven't been but they soooo should have) It is BO. Yes that's right. Body Odor. (or if you were a child in the 1980's Home Body odor...get it? Do you have HBO...then take a shower!) Yes that is right. My children stink! No, not stink...they reek! We have discussed it, We have begged, we have pleaded but my children do not like to wear deodorant. It is a problem I admit it. I also admit that every now and then I pull a Mary Katherine Gallagher. I was her for Halloween. Superstar. I digress.

I told Noah last night that he stunk...really bad...more than usual. I told him he needs to wear deodorant everyday! His response?

"I don't want the girlfriend. Sorry."

I am glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight as Noah, Wil, Gabey Baby and I were headed home I noticed how beautiful the sky was. I went through  a drive through and drove to the boat landing to spend some special time with my boys. Ok, let's face it I would have driven through the drive through and spent some special time with my recliner if it had been raining. Anyway we get situated and I am excited about making memories for my children. After all this is just one of those moments that I would have remembered from my childhood. Sharing a meal in a special place with my family. Right when we parked two dolphins swam slowly by. There was a beautiful breeze wafting through the open windows. David Crowder Band was softly playing in the background.The boys got out for a few minutes and I snapped a few pics. I am so happy. I wish times like this could last forever. Just me and my boys!

And then reality.

And reality is this...

Wil: How exactly are we supposed to split these 10 chicken fingers. I only got one measly piece of turkey for lunch. I am starving. Noah gets a good lunch... I know because Jake told me (editor's note-EVERYTHING Jake says is the gospel. Just know that...Jake is ALWAYS right). He can choose hamburgers or pizza and I am starving. Do I have to share with Gabe too because I am really hungry. I mean I will share but how many do I have to give him. And do we need to take some home too because I am really hungry.

Noah: Oh my gosh! That chicken by Wil butt! I can't eat that chicken because it by his butt and he butt have germ and that make me sick and you got no han gel. Oh my gosh! Why he put that chicken by he foot. That foot have germ. Now I not eat anything ALL DAY! They only have the chicken at for lunch and that chicken RAW! That chicken raw have germ. That germ make me sick. Now I can't go to school cause that germ from he butt and he foot make me sick and school give me chicken raw. Why we not eat at home? I go home now.

Gabe: Up! Up! Out! OUt! Paci! Eat!

And then I start choking on my chicken...and then I throw up.

Memories that will last a lifetime. That is what I did tonight people. Memories for a lifetime! I wish I was making this stuff up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lessons in Little Boys

I have not had much of a chance to post lately, what with the hours upon hours of paperwork that we are inundated with at work. I need to post a picture of the paperwork because you just wouldn't believe it if you saw it. Remember the 152 hour meeting? Yeah- just showed us the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the paperwork. I am a little whiny about the whole situation but it is going to be a HUGE blessing for the center!

Let's talk about awesome was our interpreter Sunday morning? I am so happy to say that the church voted Sunday night and BCOB will officially be looking to start a deaf ministry! Did you catch my baby watching EVERY WORD that was signed? Pretty cool!

The Friends of Daufuski meeting was pretty cool too! My heart beats faster when I think about that island and the people who have made a life there! What can we do? How can we help? Keep praying!

When I got home from church Gabe went down for a nap. ( Thank goodness for that because the boy was slap-happy from lack of his afternoon snooze. He was WILD I tell you Wild!) I put on my new from Walmart PJ'S (which I posted on facebook that the devil made me buy because I didn't want to take them off to go to church Sunday morning. He works overtime on Sunday mornings!) and climbed into bed. Before I climbed into bed I noticed that Noah and Jake were around and being on the good side of mischevious. I turned the TV to the History Channel and settled in for a rousing show about hillbillies and moonshiners (I kid you not- the History channel is my first choice in Sunday afternoon tv) and I woke up two hours later with Billy Ray Cyrus telling me that was the story of his home and his people. Very good tv... I recommend it anyday. Anyway I listen for the two oldest Squires boys but unfortunately all is quiet on the home front. Which is not good news in any Squires house. I take a look ourtside and to my surprise it has stormed while I was "watching" the hillbillies. I go to ask Charles if he has seen them but ...he is asleep too. This is really not good. I call "the twin" mom (as Noah calls her) to ask if they were there (which is really kind of humilating since I haven't seen them in over two hours which means they were probably there for two hours) but she said she thought they were all at my house. Oops! Again, have I mentioned that I am 2010 Mom of the Year? So I buckle Gabe into the front seat (please refer to previous sentence) and go around the block to look for them (because heaven forbid I actually walk or do anything that remotely resembles exercise) Sure enough there they the rain...playing football. Oh my soul. Can I just say those two words I just have one other word...BOYS!

It made me think about some of the lessons I have learned about boys (starting with the one I learned that day...
  • If you are not waching them and it is raining...boys will be in the rain. They could be fishing or playing ball or jumping on the trampoline but if you are not there to say no they assume it means yes.
  • Boys think nothing of going four days without taking a shower or changing clothes. Especially if they are lucky shorts. Noah has his on right now. When he takes them off they stand in the corner by themselves.
  • Boys are born with the ability to make car noises. Test me on this. Give a car to an infant and he can make a car noise.
  • If there is a roll of duct tape around boys will find something to tape up. Even if it is their head...even if you about to walk out of the door to school.
  • Duct tape and hair- not a good combination.
  • Boys will watch turkey hunting on TV.
  • Boys think that the three second rule is more like a suggestion.
  • Boys think bodily functions are very cool.
  • Boys can take apart anything. Even if it is not made to be taken apart.
  • Boys can't aways put things back together...even if it is their Wii. (insert deep sigh...or expletive here)
  • If it crawls, slithers, hops or scampers boys think it is funny to throw it at you.
  • Even at the age of one there are times when a boy just can't be seen giving his mommy a kiss.
Now there are many other things that I could give you the low down on but to be honest, it wears me out just thinking about it. I guess one day I need to accept the fact that the sweet little dresses that I have saved in Gabe's closet (they are the ones that my grandmother made for my mother) will only be worn by a granddaughter.

My boys will make fine fathers one day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Redirection, Meltdowns and Grapefruits

Oh my! It has been a day. I can't even get into work. I need time to absorb. Lots of time. Maybe a year. Don't have a year...only have tonight.

Charles picked up Noah today and TODAY Noah deceided to be wild. WILD! TODAY while we had a person from Columbia who, by the way, met with us from 9:45 until 6:15(ok head stop spinning...heart stop have time to absorb). TODAY, when I had so much to process and talk about. TODAY, Wednesday...Church night...153,487 people coming through the door and stopping to talk (which in a normal day I LOVE but on a day like TODAY just move along! Move along). TODAY he decided he was starving and he had to eat and he needed water and he needed to tell me something and that boy, that teenager was talking about him. TODAY!

So TODAY, while we were in hour 152 of our meeting (or it could have been hour 7- not sure) I hear "RACHEL" being yelled down the hallway. Ms. Debbie kindly went to see what was needed and came back down the hall carrying a most precious package. A precious packed that DHL had dropped out of the back of the van and then run over. Here is what I saw come through my door in hour 152 of our meeting, after Noah has been WILD and I have gotten quite grumpy...

The picture does not do it justice. My poor baby is going to have quite the black eye. (And please note that I have the child sitting on the actual stovetop...have I mentioned my Mother of the Year 2010 award?) He was hurting and I, in my fragile state of mind said "I don't think it needs stitches" and moved right along with the never-ending meeting. I think my brain had gone into some sort of pre-shutdown mode where it really did not register that my sweet baby's eye was as big as his fist and that he was bleeding from his face. So guess who sat in on the last hour of this marathon meeting. You guessed it...sweet Gabey Baby. I'm sure he learned a lot. Maybe he can help me out cause I may just have a break down.

So after the center closed and my visitor went back from where she came, I went to the ever cool Library Book Club (shout out to my girls) and enjoyed about 45 minutes of some fun talk when reality set back in and The Squires Boys came out in full force. Now can I say when the Squires boys are all 5 together chaos is sure to follow...add a bunch if their friends from church into the mix and you may as well go and check yourself into 2 East of Beaufort Memorial. Let's just say after the aforementioned TODAY I did not handle this well. As a matter f fact I had a little meltdown. Why oh why can't my children be the ones who come to my room right before we dismiss and tell me "Guess what Mother? I memorized 182 Bible verses tonight and then I volunteered to help that child who everyone makes fun of by walking him to all of his classes tomorrow." No, my children are the ones who are on the playground, the TODDLER PLAYGROUND, playing kickball with one of those balls you sit on a bounce (you know the big balls with a handle) and screaming at the tops of their lungs that "Yes huh he was out! HE WAS OUT!" Oh, that's right!  I have boys! Boys...not girls...BOYS!

When we finally get on the road (after my embarrassing screaming fit to GET IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Noah looked over at me and said "You mad at me?". Are you joking? I explained that we had  a "big boss" who was there and that he had embarressed me. Get ready for the redirection because Noah and Wil and the Kings of Redirection.

Noah: Well you not tell me the boss was there and why you not tell me? And it the fault because you not keep your promise. You promise I go to the beach and Da promise I go to the fishing  and which one true God story or caveman? cause I think God story right and that Social Studies is lying and I hate that social studies cause it stupid. I not go to school anymore cause that is lying.

Wil: I really think that it was unfair of the vice principal to suspend Spencer for the day. How can anyone be held accountable when balls are being hurled at their faces? Really, wouldn't it have been more effective to punish both of the participants in the conflict rather thaan just someone who was defending themselves? I just can't believe they are not allowing him to make up the work that he missed while he was out.

Masters, I tell you! Rediretion Masters! After that I didn't even have the energy to bring the conversaiton back around so I just kept quiet. They do outnumber me after all.

I got home and checked my phone because the good Lord knows I had no time to look at it earlier! Guess what I had? A message from Margaret. Margaret is my friend whose daughter, Jessica was my flower girl. This is Jessica....

Isn't she gorgeous? Yup! This is Jessica's brain...

Jessica's brain with a lemon sized brain tumor (or so we were told). This is Jessica the day I saw her at Duke after brain surgery...

This is Jessica a few days later..looking good I might add!

Today she went back to Duke and...........she is tumor free! Yup the doctor showed them the MRI and there was nothing there! He pulled out one taken at the same time as the one above and he said "Look at that thing... it's the size of a grapefruit!" What? I thought it was a lemon. I could deal with a lemon...a grapefruit is so much less of an appealing fruit. Lemons are yellow and cheery...grapefruits remind me of old people. I am glad we started out with lemons...Jessica can now enjoy lemonaide much more now! Join me please in praising a God who can, through skilled doctors, amazing medicine, a loving family and prayer can heal one of his children with a peice of fruit in their head. We serve an awesome God!

Breaker Breaker 1-9. It's a big 10-4!

Enough said. This was from yesterday...I just got around to posting it but I have so much more to say that deserves it's own post. So more in a little while!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Have you ever had "just one of those day"? (I seem to be having "just one of those years") I pulled out of my house this morning and am just driving along...about 8 minutes into our ride Noah pipes up and says "Where we going?". I don't answer him at first because in my mind I am thinking...Really? Really? I just had 8 conversations with you about how it is time to get up and go to SCHOOL. Noah we are late for SCHOOL.Noah get up and get ready for SCHOOL! Ok Noah just put your clothes on and you can go back to sleep until it is time to get in the car TO GO TO SCHOOL! Really Noah, don't you want to eat something before SCHOOL. I thought I had made it quite clear we were going to SCHOOL! Apparently not for he is asking me "where we going"? I look at him with a look of love that only a mother who has spent 45 minutes trying to get her child out of bed could accomplish and said "We are going to SCHOOL!" To that he replied:

"You went da wrong way."

Ummm...oops. Yes, I went the wrong way. For 8 minutes. (like we have 8 minutes to spare in the mornings) Can we say Red Face? It is a really good thing we live in a town that is pretty much a circle so it wasn't the end of the world...just the end of our no tardies for the year.

It happens a lot...autopilot. I am going along and I end up in a place and I cannot remember how I got there. Or I am having a conversation and I look into the eyes of the person I am talking to and realize I have no idea what they are talking about. (Can I just say I was on total autopilot Saturday during that class...not that the teacher wasn't wonderful. I think she is as sweet as can be and very knowledgeable. I was just on autopilot. Can't remember a thing.) Am I that self absorbed? Am I just dingy? Do I have ADHD? I would like to think it is some disorder that I could blame it on but somehow I think it is more. My dad used to blow in our ears and say he was giving us a refill...he thought we were airheads.

So please, my dear friends, if you ever catch me with a far away look and I am not making any sense or I seem to be driving in the wrong direction...knock me in the head. And please do it before I drive 8 minutes in the wrong direction.

PS- I have attached photos of my boys in the morning. Please note that Wil is up and dressed, hair combed, shoes on, making breakfast. Noah and Gabe. Not so much!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am Tired!

It is Friday. I know that everyone in the free world knows that today is Friday but I just had to write it. As a matter of fact I need to write it again. It is Friday. I don't know why this week has seemed to be about 356,784 days long but it has. Not saying that it has been a bad week-it hasn't! Quite good in fact. I had a fabulous time with the chicks in the ever cool library book club on Wednesday and our Women's Ministry dinner last night was a blast. ( I have to admit I was not going to stay. Anne asked me and I said no. Heather asked me and I said no. Nila asked me and I said no. Debbie asked me and I said no. Amy asked me and I said ok. Sisters-what can you say. I am so glad I did. What a blessing!)

I am going to go off on a little tangent here so bare with me because this has nothing at all to being tired but I think we need to talk about this Women's Ministry Dinner a little more in depth. How fun to have a room full of women of different ages together sharing a meal. Greatness I tell you! The name of the ministry is going to be TAG-Touching All Generations. (or as Patsy's husband nicknamed it-Talk and Gossip...he obviously has not been to the ever cool Library Book Club) Amy and I had just a bit of an emotional moment when we realized that we were going to be singing the two hymns we sang at dad's funeral. It is amazing to me how much music can effect you (see earlier post...obviously if the cast of Glee singing Daydream Believer by the Monkees makes you boo-hoo then surely a rousing version of Because He Lives will bring a few tears to your eyes. And can I just back-track on that song for a minute. I distinctly remember as a child hearing "The Church Ladies" of the 1980's talking about singing "these new-fangled contemporary hymns...what ever happened to Oh God of our Fathers?"  We've come a long way baby!) Anyway Amy and I were on the verge of a very emotional moment when our wonderful speaker started talking about being labeled "beloved". Amy scratched a note that said "Amy means beloved". (We know what our names mean because Mom always brought us sweet gifts back from Ridgcrest with our name meanings printed on them) I scribbled back the meaning of my name. "Rachel means ewe," I wrote. Well in the fragile state that we were in we both read the napkin as "Rachel means eeewww" and we started giggling...then cracking up. Tears were really coming down know the state between really sad and slap happy. Yeah we were there. In all our glory. Let's just say "The Church Ladies" of 2010 that were attending the TAG event were thinking of "Touching All Generations" by way of smacking some of the late 30 generation. Anyway it was a fabulous night and I am looking forward to many more.

So back to being tired...I am. And my week is not over. I have training the crack of dawn (which is really 8:30 but on a Saturday it may as well be right?) I am hoping to hit the beach after training...I'll let you know how that goes. I walked out today and felt like I walked into a brick wall. Much to my surprise the thermometer on my truck only said  88 as opposed to:

So it should feel cooler right? Yeah not so much and that made me tired. I got a flu shot today. My arm is red and it itches and that made me tired. I had to pump gas today (My hubby did offer many times to pump it for me so this is in no way his fault) and that made me tired. My mom bought a toddler bed for Gabey Baby to keep at her house and I had to put it together and that made me tired. I woke up today and that made me tired.

My Gabey Baby and sweet Wil are spending the night with my mom so it is just me Noah and Charles hanging here tonight. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow not tired! (and also not so gets old)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Redneck Girl

I love the time I get to spend with Noah when I pick him up from school. We talk about his day, we laugh, we bond. He tells me about all the good deeds he has done that day and what a perfect mother I am...are you buying it? Yeah I didn't think so. We do have a nice time though...well most of the time. Today he got in the car in a pretty good mood. Very chatty, very unlike Noah. He proceeded to tell me that... "I hurted the foot when I  went to the dock with Jake and when i go to that dock I have fun and we catched the fish and the crab net get tangled and there was mud lots of mud and why you not like mud and if I no like to fish then why we go to dock and if no crab go in the net why there is a net and why you no like the mud mom I wish my da got married a redneck girl."  (insert deep sigh here) Did you get that... Yeah took me a while too. But really try to absorb that last sentence. A redneck girl...that is what he said. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Me: What?
Noah: You know girl who like the mud and the fish and the ball and can cook good. Like your other family.
Me: What?
Noah: She can cook the food good and she can go to the fishing. You know. Like the girl... the redneck girl. I like the redneck.
Me: What?
Noah: Maybe Da not marry her but maybe she a second mother who you know cook good and like the fish.
Me: What?
Noah: Maybe I not get a second mother but maybe get a may you know who clean the house and can cook good. She need be a redneck girl. A redneck may.
Noah: Never mind.

Well I think I have since figured out that the may means maid. I too would like a redneck maid. A redneck maid who likes to cook and clean. A redneck maid who likes to organize laundry (because as I have stated before that is not one of my gifts). A redneck maid.

Noah and I can dream!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make a Joyful Noise!

I should start out this post by saying I am truly blessed. God has given me many talents. I can paint, I can write, I can organize (well anything but my laundry) but one thing God did not see fit to bless me with is a beautiful singing voice. With that being said... I LOVE TO SING! Oh my do I love to sing. I sing along to the radio, I sing to my babies (good thing one of them is deaf...he is so lucky), I sing to the kids at the daycare, I sing going down the road (I see a blue car, a blue car, a blue car! Don't you wish we carpooled?) and I sing in the bathtub (I need to specify bathtub because heaven forbid I get into the shower), When I was growing up I'd put a pillow over my head and sing at the top of my lungs when I was supposed to be going to sleep. (Years later my mom told me the whole house heard me singing...she thought it was funny. Me...scarred for life.) You know how when you sing along to the radio you start to think you maybe, just maybe, are starting to sound really good? Yeah, let me just tell you the answer is... I don't. So why did God not see fit to give me a talent for something I enjoy so much? I can only guess that when the day comes and the new earth is upon us I will be making a joyful noise and it will sound...well heavenly!

I am thinking about singing today because it is Wednesday. I know what you are night...choir. I can see that. But oh no... the reason is so much bigger than that. It is Wednesday. Which means yesterday was Tuesday. Which means last night I was treated to 2 full hours of Glee. Oh yes...I do so love Glee. Not so much the story line... I could deal with no teenage pregnancy or homophobic football players. But the music...oh the music! I posted on my facebook that Glee makes me tingly all over. It is true. I could cry now just thinking about it. I don't care if it is Lady Gaga or Lulu, (and by the way how awesome they can bring back To Sir, With Love and make it cool...Sidney Portier must be that movie) John Denver or Color Me Badd, Avril Lavigne or The Monkees, as long as it is theatrical I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Can I just say I would love to break out in song and dance (by the way, dancing ability? Not so much...another thing to look forward to beyond the pearly gates...coordination!) but I am pretty sure Charles would have me committed...or have the cable shut off- whichever was easier. I did however know, for sure and for true, the day Charles sat and watched "Bye Bye Birdie" in it's entirety, with me singing along that I had in fact married a man of great character.

And can we just talk openly about musicals for a minute? I think Rogers and Hammerstien were a gift sent straight from heaven. How can things be bad when you have a "spoonfull of sugar"? Musicals make you feel that you can "Climb Every Mountain" and that "Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with p and that stands for pool" is just a song away from being cast out of your life. Oh I could go on all day. (Just ask Amy and Tom...I sang musical numbers to them all the way back from a trip to Columbia. They were thrilled) Did you get the title of my blog? Yup from a musical. What? You don't recognize it? Well I did take a little literary license with it. It really should say (and please imagine my very best Carol Burnett drunk impression while you are reading this) "Little girls, little girls...everywhere I look I can see them. I'd have cracked years ago if it weren't for my sense of humor". Oh yes... it is from Annie. Could there be a more wonderful musical? It's got everything. Intrigue, dancing, a wet dog, Albert Finney and of course the guy from the Sprite commercials of the 1980's. Well since, as I've mentioned before, we have NO GIRLS in our family I thought the boy title was quite fitting.

So I guess the point of this post is...I love to sing...I can't sing...and life is a caberate my is a caberate! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bug in Your Stomach

I wrote an excuse yesterday for Noah to turn into his teacher stating that he had a stomach bug. We were on our way to school when he read it. I was driving...Gabe was singing....Wil was was a busy morning. He read the note and gave me his famous "what de heck is dat?"! Well being the 2010 Mom of the Year that I am, I just 1/2 way signed that it meant he had been sick. I thought I had done a fairly good job of explaining. He got out of the car and went on his way to middle school.

He must have thought about that bug in his stomach all day. Have I mentioned he is a tad obsessive? Just a tad.

When I picked him up I asked him how his day was. He told me it was good but his tummy felt "eeeghhhh" (not sure how to put that sound onto paper but you get the idea right?). He drank a whole Dr. Pepper so I am assuming it couldn't have been that bad.

When I got back to work I got the good news that our masked bandit may have gotten caught with his Lightning McQueen bookbag! How exciting is that? Our stellar detectives have located a suspect and he even had some walkie-talkies on him! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can close the case of the masked snack stealing, walkie-talkie snatching, Lighting McQueen wearing thief. I'll keep you posted.

After a delightful game of hide and seek with Noah and Wil after working all day (can you hear the sarcasm in my typing?) we loaded up the truck and headed home. I am driving...Gabe is singing....Wil is complaining...and Noah is MOANING (it was a busy afternoon). I looked over at him and asked him (in a very calm and caring voice that can only come after a delightful game of hide and seek) "What is wrong with you?????!!!!". His reply, and I quote "I don't know what wrong with my tummy...I think that bug inside want a Mustang."

Well there you go.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh the Humanity!

Last week the Squires battled valiantly with a terrible stomach bug. It ripped through the house beginning with the small voice of Wil saying "Mom I think I'm going to....". Sweet Wil. At least he made it to the bathroom before he threw up! He said he "tried to throw up quietly" so he wouldn't wake Gabey Baby up. (I somehow think Gabey Baby was the carrier of this evilness since he was the only one to avoid it altogether. At one point he was pointing his little finger at the rest of us saying "sick sick". Ummm what kind of magic is in that little finger?) The rest of us spent the next 5 DAYS fighting the fatigue, aches, cramps, hallucinations, double vision, wheezing, rashes and sensitivity to light that went along with the bug.

Ok so I made up the  last five symptoms but it was bad I tell you! Bad!

I called in sick Tuesday since I was unable to make it more than 15 feet from the bathroom and I am sure the others here truly appreciated my thoughtfulness. (As much I as would like to think it untrue...the world does not stop, nor does it fall apart, when I am ill.) Since Monday was a holiday (as much good as that did me but thank goodness it was so I did not have to miss two days of work because surely then the whole place would have crumbled into a mass of rubble) the church had been empty for a whole day. Well you would think it had been empty, but no! Someone decided that our church educational building would be the PERFECT place to score some major bank. Oh yes people...the educational building. The masked bandit (I like to picture him or her masked because how else could you deal with the shame of breaking into a church's EDUCATIONAL building) made off with quite a load. The potato chips (minus the plain variety...those were left here...a chip connoisseur, I'm sure) and capri-suns must have fit nicely into the Lightning McQueen bookbag. The walkie-talkies were quite expensive and we really miss having them. I do hope that whoever this desperate (they would have to be right) person is can really use 8 walkie-talkies and 4 digital cameras. That is all they got...8 walkie-talkies, 4 digital cameras and a Lightning McQueen bookbag full of flavored chips and capri-suns. I am sure somebody's Grandmomma would be horrified to know that her grandson or granddaughter had taken to breaking in the Sunday School Department for a snack. My gracious...go to your own Sunday School building....I am sure if you asked any one of them would be able to scare up some goldfish crackers, nila wafers and some lemonaide.

If you see someone walking down Charles Street with a Lighting McQueen bookbag- don't offer them your last bag of Ruffles. They wouldn't appreciate them.