Friday, October 23, 2015

The Day My 6 Year Old Back-Talked Me With A Bible Verse (and how I had no response...oops)

I will not keep you in suspense. The day was today... and I am MIGHTY ashamed! Also, I am pretty sure my Training Union teachers are probably turning over in their graves...except they are not technically in their graves-more like they were sitting in the pew in front of me two Sundays ago. I guess we could say they are turning over in their pew. Anyway all of that is beside the point of this post. The point is my sweet Gabey Baby is no longer sweet Gabey Baby. He has become sassy, back talking, whiney behind, stinky six year old Gabe. Gabe, who at this very moment is watching Matty B Raps videos on Youtube in the living room refusing to allow his older brothers any access to the TV. We created a monster who thinks he rules the roost. He is still pretty stinking cute...

I did it to myself. He was my last baby. Let him have the paci longer...he's my last baby. Oh it's ok if he doesn't want to eat at the table...he's my last baby. Let him watch what he wants to...he's my last baby. Now I will say he has at least one saving grace. His school. He is going to a lovely Classical Christian School where the expectations are clear, the standards are high and sassy, back-talking, whiney-behind behavior is just not tolerated. (There is not much they can do about the stink...that is just part of being 6.) I couldn't be happier (at school at least).
Now, he is also learning the Bible. Not just memorizing verses, but really learning what it means. Hence that catchy title up there. As we were driving home today I was giving him his daily dose of mommy bossing (I know it shocks you that anyone finds me bossy) and let's just say he was pretty tired of hearing it. From the back seat comes this very sarcastic response..."no man can serve two masters mom". I could almost hear his little eyes rolling up in his head. I am be honest it doesn't even register. The rest of the conversation went like this...
Me: (not expecting an answer that makes any kind of sense) What does that even mean Gabe?
Gabe: (still in his whiney, sarcastic, last nerve inducing voice) It means that God is my master and how can I serve him if I am listening to you?
Me: (crickets chirping)
I mean, really. ABSOLUTELY NO REPSONSE. How did all those Bible Drills in elementary schools fail me? How could I not think of ONE intelligent response for my SIX YEAR OLD? Oh, I can think of them now...
Me: (now, in my imagination) "Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Ephesians 6:1
Me: (and this a good one) "Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord." Who is your master by the way...Colossians 3:20
Me: (throwing it back to the old testament) "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you." Exodus 20:12
I encourage you all to look into a Classical Christian education...I promise you it will pay off. BUT before you do you might want to brush up on your Bible Drill skills...just sayin. Here he is on the first and last day of Kindergarten...

For an update on Noah and Wil...
Noah is EIGHTEEN and has been enjoying his courses at the technical high school. He especially enjoyed his agriculture classes and he may just be the cutest deaf FFA member ever!
Love that boy!

Wil has decided that pictures are from the devil and may just absorb your soul (or maybe he is just related to his mother). He also has come to the conclusion that the longer his hair is and the more that it is in his face and the more it stresses me out... the more he enjoys it. He is still a joy. He plays the cello and the double bass. He is witty and quick and makes me smile. He also had kidney stones this summer so I was able to snap a picture since he was attached to an IV.

The top of his head his precious, is it not?
Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope it was worth the wait. I like to build the anticipation you know!
PS- I know its not worth the wait...also I know you probably weren't actually waiting but its not in my narcissistic nature to admit that to myself!