Monday, July 18, 2011

Halloween and the Red Oompa Lumpas

First of all welcome back! Sorry I have been such a terrible blogger lately! I have had so much going on that I have not been able to keep up my bathing schedule much less turning my mundane life into something that would interest even a prisoner who had been in solitary for the past 53 years. Today was the last of some serious inspections at work so I can lean back and relax a little BUT not too much because now we are on a mission to stay on budget for the month.

When I was growing up Halloween was a big deal. None of this "Devil's Holiday" stuff... It was dress up in a plastic outfit and put on a plastic mask that NEVER fits over your nostrils and get candy. Well for most people! Amy's birthday is November 1st so we had many a costume party at our house. The plastic outfit and the ill fitting nostrils never found their way into the little house in Shell Point. (Oh but I did want a Little Orphan Annie costume really really bad) Clowns and ballarinas, little black cat and hobos-you name it and I got to be it!

My mom was a Pro-fessional! The bain of her Halloween existence? The grease paint makeup. My mother has never worn makeup. Maybe a little blush here and there although I bet if you looked in her medicine cabinet you would find the green and blue eye shadow that she wore in 1969 when she hooked that skinny studmuffin with the killer sideburns. I digress, since she never  wore makeup she never had makeup suitable for a clown (or a hobo for that matter) and the grease paint would melt off of our faces about three minutes after we left the house. Her solution? Koolaide. It left mustaches on our faces so why not? She'd mix up a little koolaide paste and go to town. (Now I did still have clown cheeks one Thanksgiving but that is beside the point) It was brilliant! Her friends marveled at her cleverness and I still have a very nice plaque from the town costume contest (and dents in my head from the wire coat hangers she stuffed into my pig tail braids to make them look like Pippy Longstocking-again I digress).

I am taking this trip down memory lane tonight because Eleita's grandsons have decided to follow in the grand koolaide tradition. A nice paste you may be thinking. Um no. These are The Squires Boys...think a little larger. I will give you a little hint...

Oh yes that is a bathtub full of koolaide. And please note the toilet also has it's fair share in there. I wish I could have posted better pictures because many MANY parts of them are now red but I do believe that my blog would be removed because of inappropriate subject matter. BUT PLEASE... use your imaginations. Gabe and Heyward look like red Oompa Lumpas and Noah somehow resembles one of those rare red monkeys I used to see on Mutual of Omaha. Who knows maybe they are not so rare anymore.
So for future reference...

Koolaide for drinking? Yes
Koolaide for mustaches? Yes
Koolaide for clown makeup? Yes
Koolaide for bathing? Please download above picture for a reminder...NO!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Haven't Even Checked My Stats!

My computer must think t is going through withdrawl! I haven't posted in 9 years and I haven't even logged on to read any of my favs. I have a lot of catching up to do. Just know these few things...

  1. Charles and I (along with two other wonderful and maybe slightly insane adults) took 11 children to Passportkids! at Mercer University last week. We had an awesome time. I am still tired from all the flippn hills. Why is everything uphill?
  2. We have three big inspections coming up at work so I may not be my bloggy best in the coming weeks. I apologize! 
  3. There is no three.
Happy 98% humidity!