Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's Compare! A Christmas Checklist

So for some reason I feel very in control and unworried about this Christmas Season even though I have no presents under my tree. Last year felt wacky and wild so I have decided to compare Christmas 2010 to Christmas 2011.

Category 1- Out side holiday decorations:



One strand of lights, a Santa flag, no pumpkin but no picture.

Winner- 2011

Category 2- The Tree

2010- December 19th- Tree is in the house but no lights

2011- December 20th- Tree is up and decorated, but picture.

Winner- 2011

Category 3- Christmas Shopping

2010- The 23rd

2011- The 22nd

Winner- 2011

Category 4- December Blog Posts

2010- 5

2011- um counting this one? 1

Winner- 2010 (sorry)

So as you can see I am FAR better prepared this year than I was last year. Let's just overlook the fact I have no presents under the tree (or in my house for that matter).

Gabe on the other hand was NOT prepared to eat "Breakfast with Santa"

We ended up with a GREAT picture of Gabey with Santa...He just isn't actually on Santa's lap (or in the same room for that matter)

Look out for 2012 because the Squires may just have a tree up BEFORE the week of Christmas and Gabe may just sit in Santa's lap!