Friday, January 27, 2012

Introducing...My Much Cooler Friends (Tyson Edition)

Please forgive my lack of posting in the last few months. You see <insert lame excuse here>. I know you are all on the edge of your seats just waiting for a new blog post. Remember the days of my blog when I went months on end posting everyday? What? That didn't happen? Oh, my bad. I meant to. I am just not so good at the whole following through part

So a few months a year ago I wrote a post about my much cooler friends that you may remember introduced you to some super cool people who make my life look like Laura Ingalls (who to be honest had a much more exciting life than me what with the fool's gold and her nemesis Nelly). I then promised that I would introduce you to a few more. The problem is (please see above) the whole following through thing.

BUT I did want to tell you about a particularly cool friend named Tyson Jennette (who is technically the brother of a good friend BUT we have had like 5 conversations AND he sent me an announcement card so in my eyes that makes us BFF's forever)

This is Tyson...

And he is a swing in...

Which if you don't know is the Tony Award (as well as many other awards I am sure) winning Broadway hit that many a celebrity has been to see.

Want proof? How about...

Yes even TV Assistant DA's are enjoying the show...and hello? Angela Bassett? Thank you.

Want more? How about...

She is very pretty don't you think?

And if you would like (I would)...

He looks like he enjoyed it!

And they have Pretty Women stopping by all the time...

And if you need a bit more star power how about...

Don't you just love how they picked their outfits in the same tone?

So as you can see my Kevin Bacon number has improved greatly since Tyson got such a great gig!

I am just the tiniest bit obsessed with the music and tend to listen to it more than my children would prefer. (I do have to skip a few songs since they are inappropriate for my the children's ears.) We were headed down the road the a while back and we saw two Mormon Missionaries riding down the road on their cute little bikes with their cute little helmets and I told Wil "Quick! Let's put in the Book Of Mormon CD". He looked perplexed (and maybe a bit horrified since it is so not the taste of most 12 year old boys in South Carolina) and said "Why?!" I pointed out the two fellows on the bikes and he said...
 "Oh, I thought those were Jebidiah's Witnesses".

 I think we may need to do a little research on religions of the world.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Should Not Let Gabe Hold My Phone While I Am In The Tub (or Why I Should Not Let Wil Load The Washing Machine Part III)

As you can tell by that wonderful title I am out of a phone yet again. Seriously!? I do not understand what the deal is with me and electronics. (Did I mention here that I have been through 4 Kindles in a year?) I swear it has everything to do with the fact that Noah has a magnet in his head.

Or maybe it's the fact that I let a three year old play with it or leave it on top of a car or maybe it is the fact I don't clean out pockets before I load the washing machine.


Anyway my phone can dial and my phone can receive calls. NOTHING ELSE! In the 1900's (as Wil likes to refer to my childhood) this would not have been a problem. HOWEVER now in the 2000's it is a major issue. What?

2000's- A phone that can't text?

1900's- What is a text?

2000's- A phone that can't check Facebook?

1900's- What is Facebook?

2000's- A phone that can't email?

1900's- What is email?

2000's- No Internet?

1900's- Have you seen the new paint program? It is Awesome!

See what I mean? I should not have a problem with a phone that can dial. But I do have a problem because my smart phone has taken away my ability to remember phone numbers. I can tell you my phone number from when I was in the 2nd grade (524-9144) but I can't remember my husband's office number to save my life. So even if can dial...I do not remember any numbers in which to dial! I am going to have to live with it for a while though because heaven knows I can't afford another deductible! I so could have paid for an iphone by now.

Onto less depressing mundane facts about me... Gabey Baby is about to turn three! He has a cool best friend that he has been having some play dates with. I went to pick him up yesterday and Gabe decided that he need to ride with. Problem is I only have one carseat. I do however, have a belt positioning booster seat that I threw in. Now I have no idea what the law is on belt positioning booster seats versus the 5 point harness deal and I certainly wasn't going to let someone else's child ride in what may or may not be an illegal booster seat so I did what any rational mother would do...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012- It Will Be A Year!

Well...sorry for the unintended bloggy break. I will catch you up on all things December soon. Right now I am going to beg forgiveness for this short post and just tell you that my GG (Grandma Gracie) is in the hospital. My mind has not figured out a way to make visiting her in the hospital amusing in any way.

So...just pray for sweet GG and that hopefully I will get my mojo back.

Unless you would rather pray that I won't get my mojo back and that I will keep boring you to tears with the same post popping up every time you open this page.

I am of course operating under the complete assumption that people actually open this page.

But for GG's sake, I hope people do.

Happy 2012!

(10 days after it started)