Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012- It Will Be A Year!

Well...sorry for the unintended bloggy break. I will catch you up on all things December soon. Right now I am going to beg forgiveness for this short post and just tell you that my GG (Grandma Gracie) is in the hospital. My mind has not figured out a way to make visiting her in the hospital amusing in any way.

So...just pray for sweet GG and that hopefully I will get my mojo back.

Unless you would rather pray that I won't get my mojo back and that I will keep boring you to tears with the same post popping up every time you open this page.

I am of course operating under the complete assumption that people actually open this page.

But for GG's sake, I hope people do.

Happy 2012!

(10 days after it started)


  1. I know it's never easy when GG is in the hospital! Please keep the kids and I up to date on her recovery. Thier dad won't tell them anything. Love you lots!

  2. I hope she will get better soon! Pia from Sweden

  3. GG, hope u r better real soon! Wish I had the talent to make u a pretty comfy blanket for the hospital visit.