Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Solo What?

I am going to be quite honest with you...I am NOT a country music fan. Oh, I used to be. I loved Little Texas (do they still exist?) and that cute little guy with lupus who sang about her voice still answering his phone. Clay something or other. ANYWAY I loved country music. I had friends in low places and my love was higher than the pine tree standing high upon a hill. I listened to nothing else (well I did listen to lots Amy Grant even after she wore her leopard print jacket that caused such a huge scandal- because we all know you can't be a Christian and wear leopard print. And also maybe marrying Vince Gill even if your husband is a big drug addict gives the Christians lots to talk about over Sunday dinner. But I digress- a lot). Then I went on a trip with Charles before we had kids and CD's were still the way to go. I bought a Shania Twain CD and Charles bought a Green Day CD and by the time we got home I had had enough whining to last a lifetime and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams seemed like just the thing to transition me to pop 40.

What I am trying to say in way, way too many words is that country music has no home in my life.

The Squires Boys are another story. Even the deaf one likes the country music. I didn't consider it a problem until this morning.

Sweet Gabey Baby was looking at his chocolate milk and said, "Red Solo Cup, You're not just a cup. You're my friend." And then he broke out into a rousing version of the chorus.

Number One- I do not serve Gabey Baby his chocolate milk in a red solo cup. Let's face it...McDonalds serves it to him. In a jug. We can no longer take a cup in the car. I act like it is a big deal that he now drinks out of a big boy cup at home when in reality it just means I have lost all of the sippy cups.

Number Two- How does he know this song?

Number Three- Should I be worried that he was slurring his words when he said it?

Number Four- Where are theThe Christain Music Police when you need them?


  1. LOL. Brayden just wrote a story for school about his red solo cups. I still do not get it because I am also NOT a huge country music fan. I like songs not genres. It does seem to have something to do with drinking? And I don't mean choc. milk!

  2. Come on Rach...even I know the song. I think it hilarious that poor innocent Gabey knows it when his Mama doesn't. As for Noah knowing and loving Country, he would have to wouldn't he to fulfill his Redneck prophecy? hehe keep them stories a coming...

  3. First of all, the lupas guy wasn't the one that crooned about Austin, I still love you, that was believe it or not EARLY Blake Shelton:) Just FYI from the country music QUEEN, and second of all, I have a little hint about where he has heard this. The first several times, from the boy who is ALWAYS right. The rest you can blame it on yourself....Glee????!!!!

  4. Oh, dear! I think it may have been Ellery. This is her favorite song and she runs around the house singing it, and requesting to watch it on the computer (You-tube). We have discouraged her from bringing this into the Baptist Daycare, but the girl has a mind of her own. I found it hysterical until the day she walking into the kitchen saying "You are my best friend." I turned to her, warm hearted, and said "Ellery, you are my best friend, too!" She, of course, replied "no, mommy, red solo cup is my best friend." Ah, thank god she is as cute as she is.