Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Frozen Fowl or The Christian Music Police or When In Doubt Just Remember He Is Quite Satisfied

Let me start out by saying...Happy Fall Back. This has got to be my favorite Sunday of the whole year! You get an extra hour to sleep in. You can send your kids to bed at 9:00 and they may even go to sleep because it feels like 10:00. It should be a holiday. I was feeling so good about myself that I even stopped by Walmart on the way to Sunday School to pick up some whipped cream and pudding for the kiddies to finger paint with...and maybe just maybe I over estimated the power of Fall Back Sunday. For It Is Written, the Toddler Two Sunday School Class shall never again participate in such activities that involve pudding, whipped cream and fingers. Don't get me wrong....they had fun. They had fun on the table. They had fun on the chairs. They had fun on the floor. They had fun on the walls. They even had fun on each other (I should state that actually the only one who had fun on someone else was Gabey Baby Squires. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't). To My Dear Co-Teacher...I am sorry I bring such chaos into your world. Blame it on Fall Back Sunday. See you next week!

After church we headed over to a fundraiser put on by the city's finest...and by finest I do mean my hubby Charles who provided over night security. It was boy paradise...some kind of souped up Chevette drag racer (It was really a corvette, I just wanted Charles to read this and roll his eyes at my cluelessness) and lots of shiny mustangs and all kinds of old cars that made my brother and brother-in-law say things like "oh yeah" and "nice". In other words Amy, Anne and I walked around trying to keep the babies from putting fingerprints all over the cars. Good Times, Good Times. The food was good and there were some games to play. Wil wanted $2.00 to throw darts at a paper turkey. (He came over and asked for $2.00 and all I could think about was Better Off Dead, John Cusack GREATNESS. If you have never seen it you have to! Seriously my friend has it on DVD. You must ask to borrow it) Next thing I know here comes Wil with a great big frozen turkey. Yes, my child won a turkey. He ran over, well he tried to run over but then he dropped the turkey and then he walked over slowly, and said "I won Thanksgiving Dinner and can you take a picture of it? And can you post it on facebook?" What have I done to my child? **Update Below

I don't talk much on here about Wil and I should. He is my "whatever child". If I want to go to Walmart, he'll go. If I ask him if he wants to go to Granmomma's, he says sure. If I tell him to pick up Gabe, he does. He is an all around good kid. He is always smiling. He always gives you a hug when he sees you (and you know it is because he wants to, not because he has to) and he is smart as a whip. He also will fall over his shadow, drop whatever he is carrying and if we go on vacation you can bet he will visit the infirmary or the ER at some point. Heyward calls it "Life With Wil". He just has a way about him. One day when he was in first grade, I asked him why he was being so wiggly. He said (and I quote and I am not even joking) "I am just quite satisfied". I'll never know if he was satisfied at that moment or in life in general, but that is how I will always picture my Wil. Quite Satisfied. When he told me he wanted to be baptized I asked him if he really knew what that meant. I had prepared myself for the usual  "Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins". Not Wil. Oh was his 1st grade answer "Well you see Jesus made a blood sacrifice for me and I need to live my life like he would want me to." At this point I am thinking he needs to teach my Sunday School Class. He probably would have known the pudding and whipped cream would not be such a great idea. One day Big Mama (who's blog I read everyday with stalker-like tendencies) posted about her playlists. She admitted to liking Ke$ha...who I will admit I find myself humming along to if I happen to scan through and stop on one of her songs. I posted a comment that Wil (AKA The Christian Music Police) heard her song playing on the way to school and he said "Did she just say BEER?" To which I replied sheepishly "Why yes, she did." I have since learned to keep it tuned to Air One when he is in the car and save the Ke$ha for my alone time. My Wil is gonna keep me in line!

So if you don't have plans for Thanksgiving...Wil has got it covered! Come on over and have some dropped on the cement frozen turkey!

**After I left Wil won two more turkeys. Yes, we have Thanksgiving covered.


  1. Well if I didn't have plans to be out of town for Thanksgiving, please tell Will I would have loved to share some of his turkey.


  2. I love your kids and the way you tell stories about them!!