Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Randomness...I'm Good At It

I was looking back at my old notes on my Facebook page (I am a tad narcissistic- I love to reread my facebook stuff...and let's face it why else would I write a blog all about me?) and I came across one of those surveys you fill out. This one simply asked you to write 25 random things about yourself. I thought I would repost this and see how much still applies to my daily life. I wrote it on January 19,2009... 4 days before Baby Gabe came into this world and about a month before my family's world came apart.

25 Random Things About ME!

1. I don't like to turn left. I will still go out of my way to avoid turning left without a light.
2. I hardly ever eat anything jello, green koolaide, vegetables puhlease! Gross! (Green M&M's are on the approved list) Still haven't gone green. Does this have anything to do with my carbon footprint?
3. When I met my husband he was in the Navy...and I was in the 9th grade! (GASP) Cradle robber!
4. Sometimes I get this really weird urge to crawl under my desk. I don't know why but this is supposed to be random facts and let's face it...that is random. I wouldn't have fit under my desk then and  now it just takes too much energy to get to the floor...much less back up.
5. I'm addicted to reading blogs of people I don't know and will never meet. I have added many blogs to this list. Just look at who I follow!
6. My sister and I have a "Never Again List" Chick-fil-a on kids night is #1. The Never Again List has expanded tremendously since we have a third child!
7. I work for my dad. He doesn't like facebook. I sneak. I would give up anything, except the assurance that I will see him again, to sneak onto facebook again.
8. I messed up washing my husband's uniform one time so I would never have to do it again. (Not permanent damage mind you-just really wrinkled. ps It Worked) I think that speaks for itself.
9. When my kids were babies and they would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes I would just lay there pretending I was asleep and that I couldn''t hear them so Charles would get up instead. We didn't do this with Gabey Baby. We are much better parents with him than we were with the other two.
10. My favorite kinds of friends are the ones who I can not speak to for days or weeks and as soon as I talk to them again it feels like not a day has gone by. (and I get no guilt over not calling) Shout out to all my friends who have stuck by me in my not calling phases-Jen,Crystal,Amy,Regina,Carroll,Jil-you know I love you! Just self absorbed (or just lazy-you pick) You can add way more people to this list now. With a third child I don't have time to go to the bathroom much less call friends. Thanks for the no guilt. I really can't stand the guilt.
11. I am so lucky! I love all my in-laws! My sister-in-law is the bomb! (and we are having these boys around the same time and she is an awesome baker and she can sign!) My other sister-in-law is my sister and I couldn't live without her! (although if I were just her sister-in-law and not her sister I don't think she would like me) My mother-in-law is so sweet and would do anything for anyone! Hasn't changed!
12. I LOVE SUPERCHIC[K]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think everyone should google them and add them to your friends and become a fan and buy their CDs and go to their concerts! I didn't like their last CD as much as some but I am still fanatical.
13. I have two friends who are in a special birthday club with me! Kristin's birthday is December 13th...mine is January 13th (by the way I'm sure all the gifts are still in the mail right?) and Shelley's birthday is February 13th. We have all been friends since babyhood and are still friends to this day! Dear Shelley and Kristin...we are approaching 40.
14. My friend Crystal's birthday is on my dad's birthday and our mom's were both born on January 11th. Pretty neat huh! We were meant to be friends! Still Friends!
15. My grandmother has no Great-Grand-Daughters but when the two new ones get here (mine and Anne's) she will have 15 (count them)15 Great-Grand-Sons! (and one great great grandson) I miscounted...Gabe and Daniel were numbers 12 and 13 but still no girls and still impressive right?
16. I like to get up in the middle of the night and eat a Dove promise. I like to get up in the middle of the night and eat a few Dove promises and a glass of milk and maybe some peanut butter. Maybe this is why I weigh more now than when I wrote this (9 months preggo)
17. I don't like to be kissed and hugged all that much. A nice pat on the shoulder does it for me every time! (Noah and Wil are exceptions...poor Charles) Amen Sista...can I amen myself?
18. My mother ran over my foot (with the car) when I was in fourth grade. It didn't break my foot because I had on brand new shoes form Lipsitz. (and it was all Amy's fault because it was my day to sit in the front seat and she got in it) Still kinda cramps up when the weather gets bad. Not really I just thought that sounded funny and I had nothing else.
19. My sister always thought I was Bipolar but it was really just a chemical imbalance during my teenaged years. May still have some issues (if you can't tell by reading this)
20. I love rainy cold days. I feel like the world is getting a shower. It makes me happy! (can you say chemical imbalance) Loves It!
21. I read in the bathtub. If you are in my book club you know this. I tend to drop them in the tub. I also talk on the phone in the tub and just for reference it will not electrocute you if you drop a cordless phone into the tub. I speak from experience! Don't get as much time to read now that I have three little boys who like to come in and bother me.
22. 22 is my favorite number. I don't know why. Still my favorite number.
23. I am scared to death of this baby. What if I can't handle 3 kids. I've never been outnumbered before! Gabey Baby is the biggest blessing I have ever received. I truly do not know what we would have done without him.
24. My brother makes the best fried shrimp in the entire world... he says he's retired but I don't think so! I want some right now.
25. I hate to say it but looking at this list even I think I could use a little counseling!

Well there you go. Not much has changed but everything has changed. I never would have thought when I was sitting at my desk writing that, my life would be completely different a month later. I would never be going back to that desk. I would not have to sneak Facebook. I would not work for my dad anymore. I would not see him every day. Losing someone takes so much time to heal from. Losing someone in such a violent way and with so many unanswered questions takes more time than I have had. I hurt everyday. I miss him everyday but now I can laugh. And I can find the humor in my kids and I can go on knowing that I am going to see him again and when I do I may even sing him a heavenly tune!
I would love to hear random things about you. Post a few in the comments!


  1. You have me crying. I remember reading this list when you wrote it way back when. I remember being at the Christmas gathering when this very picture was taken.

    Can't think of anything random.... Wish that we could get our kids together, they are a lot alike.

    Love you bunches even though I am not technically family :)

  2. Hey you think they have facebook in heaven? You might have to sneak it there too :)


  3. In regards to Number 9: I used to do the same thing UNTIL I realized...WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING? DEWEY IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING AND HE WILL WIN AT THIS then I just always got up.

  4. My birthday is December 13. McKenzie's is July 13 and my mom's is June 13. I had an Uncle's who was August 13 and a Grandma who was November 13. Just sharing. This is Jackie. I was too lazy to sign in.

  5. I love that pic! I miss your dad too. Almost as much as I miss mine. This,of course made me cry, but thats good for us once in a while. I don't think I can think of 25 random things about myself. Too much pressure.
    Oh, wait!

    - I like to read in the bathtub too. I don't drop my book as frequently. I have a Nook now but I don't take it into the tub. I did read "Breaking Dawn" on my ipod touch with the Kindle app in the tub and I didn't drop it once!

    - I like to go to midnight movie premieres. I don't know why. It's just fun. I think I like to be first.

    Maybe I'll follow your example and blog about my randomness too.