Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hobos and Such

Yesterday, really close to getting off time, a strange man came to the door of the daycare. Now being that it is the Thanksgiving Season, I am going to add to the top of my thankful for list, that I am SOOO very thankful for locked daycare doors. Paul had warned me there was a strange man outside. He even told me the guy had no shirt. I should have been prepared. I wasn't. He scared me. Not scared me as in hide under my desk scared me...scared me in the wow I'm glad those doors are locked because I don't know what you may do to my babies scared me. Do you follow? Let me see if I can give you a good description...imagine a really fat Santa with no beard but long white hair that hasn't seen shampoo since about 1972. AND instead of a little round belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly, his was a little hairy and so white it reflected the light from inside. Now, I know this poor man needed help and he had come to a church...where he should be able to go and get help. However, when he found out the office was closed and that this was a childcare center and that I could NOT let him in, I wish that he had not continued to bang on the door and try to open it. That is when Noah began to get a little freaked. He grabbed my phone and texted Charles...and it said and I quote "Come to church now Hobo was at church"

Isn't nice when a throwback term like Hobo can come back into fashion?

So Noah is totally freaked out about this Hobo. He woke up today talking about the Hobo. And oh my he had lots to say!

"Mom you ok with that hobo in the town and you at the church and the man with the mop can walk you to car and Gabe to car cause that hobo is knock on the door and why you not have a gun at the work and if that hobo knock on the door I think he smell. I think your boss can't stay all night wait for you because she hurt her leg an she need go home rest her leg cause I think she sleep on leg wrong and that why it broken and I love your boss so she need go home so her foot sleep so she not stay for the hobo. but that man with the mop can watch for the hobo."

Can you say Noah is a little obsessed with the hobo? I wonder why in heaven's name Noah would think it was at all ok to have a gun in a daycare. I wonder where Noah learned the term Hobo. I wonder if this poor and possibly homeless man would be offended by the term hobo. I wonder what I am going to do when it gets dark and the man with the mop is not here to walk me to the car. I wonder what Noah would say if he knew I saw the hobo again today crossing Boundary Street. I think I will keep that information to myself.


  1. Give Noah a hug for me. Tell him I love him, and thank you for thinking about me and my foot. He is precious as are all your boys and Amy's. HAPPY THANKSGIVNG!

  2. He used to talk about hobo's last year. It was really funny to hear him describe what he meant by that.

  3. This is hilarious. That text message is priceless. Great word too - I wonder where he got that. Leigh always said that when she was little she wanted to have a "hobo stick." Not BE a hobo, mind you, but have the little stick with the pouch at the end, the kind of pouch kind people filled with fried chicken and sandwiches for you.

    Ryan C.