Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Tis the Season!

     With a title like that I bet you are thinking about the holidays...Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe even New Years if that's your thing. I am thinking of another kind of season. It is not a season that I look forward to like say Easter or my birthday. As a matter of fact, it is the time of year that I DREAD! Yes, my friends...I am talking about The Science Fair. The whole affair is a jumbled mess of backboards (although this year we graduated to Power Point...welcome to the 21st century dear science fair) scientific formulas, hypotheses, bibliographies and results. Oh how I wish we could go back to the days of "What Color Do You See Most in a Bag of M&M's?". A few bags of candy, some graph paper and some colored pencils and we are off! I am going to go on the record as saying if I was a science teacher (pause for laughter here) I would never make the children in my classes do a science fair project. I am starting to save Noah and Wil's projects because by the time Gabey Baby gets to the science fair these teachers will never remember which of 'The Squires Boys' turned in which project. I'm gold! Anyway Noah turned it in and we are waiting with baited breath to find the results.To be honest, this year we went in with the thought of simply passing rather than winning the whole shebang.
     As I was picking up Noah from school the other day I saw a sight that warmed my heart. Noah has always pretty much been a loner. Every day I pick him up and he is standing by himself just waiting for a ride. Thursday I spotted his little blond head walking out from the big bad middle school but on this day there was a little brown head walking with him and they were signing. I was so excited to see Noah with a friend at school. I always picture him sitting by himself in the cafeteria because he does not communicate well. I think of him as being too shy to make friends. I picture him as too stubborn to let his interpreter help. I worry that he will have a stunted social life. But Thursday gave me a whole new picture. He was walking with a friend. He was communicating with a classmate with no outside help. He was smiling. Maybe they were discussing the science fair. No scratch that because who in their right mind would be smiling when discussing the science fair.
     It has been a lazy two days. I have been taking lots of naps because sweet Gabey Baby has been sick and Wil has had a migraine. I think the entire world would be a whole lot nicer if a two hour nap was mandatory. Who could I speak with about this? I am pretty sure the crime rate would dip because let's face it, we would all be a lot less grouchy. Any way I spent this morning watching my second favorite Heath Ledger movie. I don't think I have mentioned my overall obsession with all things Heath (excluding the whole I wish I could quit you craziness of Broke-Back Mountain...something about a gay cowboy that does not float my boat but I can forgive and I hate to speak ill of the dead) Anyway my first favorite of course is The Patriot (and if you have seen this please do not mention his character's name to Charles as it is still a source of contention with us and the naming of our third child. I promise it is just a coincidence) and my second being "A Knight's Tale". Now I know that many of you would think the premise of a pauper dressed up like a knight parading around with  Geoffrey Chaucer and a band of anything but merry men, jousting in what can only be described as clothes worn by the Rolling Stones in the late 60's ( I kid you not...the costume gal said so in the behind the scenes footage that I, of course, watch whenever I pull out the DVD) a tad on the ridiculous side but there is such a beauty in the story of a father who gave up his son in order to give him a better life. Oh I cry every time I see it. Yes, John Thatcher, your son did change his stars....and he followed his feet back home. Excuse me while I grab a puffs plus. And the fact that we get to see Paul Bettany butt naked from behind only adds to the enjoyment of it all. "What? You haven't heard of it. Well it was allegorical." Oh Chaucer, you delight me. Anyway if you are in for a good time "A Knight's Tale" will not disappoint but remember it is no Canterbury Tales even with good old Geoff's nakedness.

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