Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I am Teaching Your Children!

I have been on vacation this week...actually to use term I am too old to use, a staycation. Yes, I have not been anywhere exciting (well except to the park and to a friend's house for was delicious by the way!) just sitting around the house looking at all of the laundry I am not doing because I am on vacation.I wouldn't be doing laundry if I was in say Aruba or Ireland. I wouldn't be doing laundry if  was in the mountains or camping at the beach. So why should I do laundry while I am "sitting on my laurels" at home? I am really trying to convince myself. so please excuse the rant. I am going to get on that tomorrow. Mount St Squires will erupt tomorrow whether it be in the washing machine or in the burn pile in my back yard. Could go either way.

I went to church tonight and instead of going straight to the "ever cool book club" I headed over to teach the 4-6 graders. Yes, I have volunteered myself and my above mentioned friend to take on the 4-6 graders at BCOB once again. AND me and the above mentioned friend are going to lead them ever so gently into being wholly prepared for our Christmas Eve service. It is officially called the drama and art block although I prefer "The Arts with Patsy and Rachel". It has some flair...admit it. So tonight we played some really cool improv games. They acted like they were in a movie and we paused and fast forwarded and did a lot of rewinding. They were awesome. They were having fun. I was feeling pretty pretty good. Next they stood up and we all yelled out things for them to act out. There was the hobo diggin in the trash for dinner (what did the fifth grader playing the hobo find n the bottom of the trash can? A cig and a I need to tell you that fifth grader's last name was Squires. I didn't think so). We had a CNN correspondent interviewing a man on the street. It was great. Then came the last game... it was innocent I swear. The child was supposed to stand up and make a statement about their day. We, as the audience would ask questions to figure out if the statement was true or false. Well somehow this innocent little game turned into "oh oh Ms. Rachel I can lie...let me tell a lie. I can trick you all". Parents please know that Patsy nor I, in any way, shape or form, condone lying. Let's just call it acting...and let's just say they were very good at it.

The point of this is, I guess, please come to our Christmas Eve will be truly blessed!


  1. I knew letting the two of you be in control would be scary, but WHAT did you all do???? lol Just kidding, I am sure next week it will come together, right???? Ya'll crack me up!

  2. We are going to try to come...don't know if Santa can get his gifts to Beaufort, but we will make a note for him. :) Just don't know what is on the "Santa" list yet....? Please keep me up to date with the time of the program, Grandmother get confused these days and we have been known to show up an hour early AND an hour late....!

  3. PMS said: Your friend, Patsy, seems like she's a pretty cool chick, and Rachel you are such a great writer.