Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Little Morning Delight

This weather is absolutely heavenly! I am so excited to walk out of the house and not having to wish for a remote starter on my car just so I don't melt when I get in. What would we do without air conditioning? I used to think I would like to be know horse and buggies, cute little prayer caps, the simple life, good food...but let's face it I could not live without air conditioning (or a fan that blows on me at night or a cell phone or the internet or a refrigerator or a car or jeans or The Real Housewives of New Jersey). Anyway back to the I am making my way around town every morning I look out over the water and I am taken away with the beauty of it all. So peaceful! With the weather inspiring me I decided to spend the hour between dropping Wil off to school and work- taking a walk with Gabey Baby. Ok, now I know you are all about to fall on the floor because I am talking actual exercise here. It's ok, I've done it before.

I parked downtown so I wouldn't have to walk to the bridge and got the stroller out. I just knew this was gonna be great! It was bright. It was crisp. It was high tide.

It was also rush hour. And I learned some very good life lessons. And I am going to share them...cause that's how I roll. ( And by the way when  fat, white, late 30 year old women start saying things like because that's how I roll, it is really time to come up with some new lingo...are you hip to that jive?)

Things I Learned on My First Morning of Walking
By Rachel Squires

  1. My stroller is growing mold. I love my stroller and this upsets me. Oh the horror...what can I do?
  2. When you stand at the stoplight and push the walk button for the crosswalk and the sign says walk and you are in the middle of the crosswalk and you have the right of way because you are in the crosswalk with the walk sign on and it is a state law that all drivers must yield to persons in a crosswalk even if they don't have a walk sign DO NOT ASSUME that anyone turning right to go over the bridge is going to yield for you (or your moldy stroller).
  3. Don't know if you know this but bridges tend to go uphill. In a car...not so bad. As a matter of fact you may not even notice...but walking? A WHOLE different story (especially to a girl who considers rocking her baby to sleep exercise...I am just a tad out of shape).
  4. I walk a lot faster going downhill than I do going uphill. This may be due to physics or the law of gravity or maybe Brunelli's theory, but I'm just sayin'...downhill I am a STAR!  Uphill not so much!
  5. It is always a good idea to check to see if you need to go to the bathroom before walking (uphill) to the top of the bridge-also on that point maybe a large cherry coke from Sonic not a good idea until after the walk. 
  6. I really don't like heights especially over water. Bridges may not be for me.
  7. The cars pass by you really closely while you are walking (uphill) on the bridge.
  8. There are a lot of diesel vehicles in the low country. Remember the crisp cool air? Not so crisp when mixed in with vehicle emissions.
  9. 5 out of every 10 drivers are talking on their cell phones while they are driving on a very narrow bridge. Our state should pass a law against that sort of thing (however I would be THE FIRST one to get a ticket because I am always on the phone). Just a side note the other drivers are usually singing, yawning or picking their noses. 
  10. Gabey Baby loved taking a walk (uphill) over the bridge and he talked to the water and the boats and the birds and the cars the whole time. I guess we will be doing this again. Come and join us if you would like!



  2. Wish I could join you, but I think it´s a itsy-bitsy to long a journey :-) Keep up the good work!
    Pia from Gothenburg, Sweden

  3. Yeah Rachel!!! I'm proud of sure make me laugh. I had a great time at book club tonight.


  4. You go girl! But why afraid of heights over water. I hate height - as you know- but I figure if I'm over water it's OK because I won't die and I am a really good swimmer.