Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few Loose Ends

I have some loose ends that are begging to be tied. I know you are just dying to know and keep checking back here just in case I update (or you just happened to come across this blog and figured you'd waste a few moments of your day...either way it's all good).

  1. Noah's birthday weekend was greatness (please note I put weekend because Noah does not celebrate for just one takes a whole weekend)! Friday Charles coordinated a sleepover...Saturday brought a lot of tunnel digging and Sunday we enjoyed a day with family at Chez Trezevant (aka Anne and Daniel's) with some fabulous food. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. He had a great weekend. 
  2. The temperatures are creeping back up and therefore my air conditioner has once again stopped working. Lovely.
  3. The temperatures are creeping back up and therefore I have NOT done any more bridge walking (uphill). The Yoga still holds the record at two times. 
  4. Charles had to work Saturday night and we watched a little of the Gamecocks game before he left. I kept it on and ended up watching the whole thing. Not only did I watch the whole thing I proceeded to watch the whole second half again the next night so I could show Charles where I thought they had made a bad call. What is happening to me? I am getting a little concerned. Do I need to see someone about this? Football...Really?
Now that you have been sufficiently updated in the World of Rachel I know you will be able to sleep much better.


    1. You would be sooooooooooooooooo proud of me...I have gotten up out of bed at 4:45 AM to go walk for the last two mornings...Yeah Me!!!....PMS

    2. It MUST be October Birthdays. October babies are VERY VERY special and therefore get to celebrate for more than one day. Going on weekend #2 here :) :) :)!!!! OH, and thank goodness the cooler weather is BACK!