Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Does It Always End With the Phrase "I Think That May Need Stitches"?

     It has been a jam packed weekend! Between the laundry I didn't do and the dishes that are still in the sink you can tell that I am on the ball (especially since Noah and Wil spent most of the weekend away from home)! Oh and just a side note on my lasted time! Yes that is what I have time. That is officially one less than my exciting foray into Yoga after Wil was born. I did that twice. I have big plans for the week to come so stay tuned in for that. I am sure you are at the edge of your seats.
     Anyway the weekend started out with a trip out to dinner. I had a gift card from a very sweet friend who was thinking about me...(I so needed it friend) and I decided to use it as soon as I got it because I have no self control. Anyway my co-worker (who is also a great friend and happens to be one of Gabey Baby's teachers) had no plans Friday night so we thought we'd head on over and eat. It's what we do best. Gabe was on his best out-to-eat behavior (so he basically was not screaming at the tops of his lungs or running around the restaurant but you could have fed about three families of mice with the food that ended up on the floor) and we enjoyed some good food. We even both got some dessert because we deserved it (what with my one trip across the bridge...uphill by the way and her almost joining us for that walk). It was all good I had a gift card and five dollars in my pocket to make up whatever else I needed for the tip...or so I thought. Yes that five dollar bill was really a one dollar bill. That left me with the option to leave our waitress with a $4.64 tip and sneak out of there and never show my face again or to come clean and tell her the truth and promise to be back with a crisp five dollar bill to add to that $4.64 tip. Well I have a little problem with running off at the mouth and telling everyone who will stand still for 2 minutes my whole life story, so I chose to tell her the whole truth. Let's just say she was less than thrilled to have her last tip of the night be $4.64. I guess she did not believe that I would bring her back the rest of the money. (So reminds me of that movie with the cop and the waitress and Rosie Perez except I am no Nicholas Cage and Charles is certainly not Rosie Perez and I would never leave him for Junika because obviously she does not believe that I am going to bring her back that five dollar bill) How much you wanna bet my friend never goes out to dinner with me ever again?
    So Saturday Gabe, Charles and I hung out at the house all day (not doing laundry or dishes). We watched the Gamecocks play. Now I am not a college football fan...I am not any kind of football fan...I am not any kind of ball fan but how could you possibly live in South Carolina and NOT watch that football game? I have to say I was quite proud and even threw a few terms like "down" and "facemask" around (like because the cocks were doing such a great job with this game that I was somehow turned into some sort of superfan who all of a sudden knew what the lines on the field meant). It exhausted me. It was fun to hang out with Charles though. We don't do a whole lot of that kind of thing.
     Sunday brought our church's annual river baptism and picnic. I always enjoy this. Last year Jake, Charles and Wil were baptized and this year my dear friend Crystal's daughter was. And it was her 13th birthday so a special day all around for her family! My friend Shelley's daughter was also baptized. Shelley and I have been friends since we were in the crib room at that same church together and our birthday's are exactly one month apart. Aren't small town lovely? I will have to try and post some pictures because it is really neat to see. We even get tourists taking pictures sometimes (like we do this every Sunday just for the photo ops).
     After I watched a little History Channel (otherwise known as my Sunday nap) Charles and I decided to take all 5 of the Squires Boys down to do a little fishing. Now if you don't recall this is not, according to Noah, my greatest skill in life. It was low tide, there were people there with raw chicken (for crabbing I am told) and someone had been heading shrimp (not that I am on personal terms with the words "heading shrimp" Heyward informed me that was what the smell was). Needless to say, I was on the verge of wishing I was at home watching History. For some reason we decided to forgo the pier and head straight to the boat landing...which just makes me feel that much more secure-what with the floating dock and all. The boys however decided that the boat landing was not good enough and proceeded to head off, waist deep I tell you, into the pluff mud because OBVIOUSLY the fishing is so much better when you can barely move because you are sinking in mud. If you don't live in a place where there is pluff mud let me just tell you- it STINKS! A cross between sewage and dead fish (or headed shrimp...whatever). I took some pictures but they were so far away from the landing that you can barley see them. Not worth the effort to find the camera cord. Now mud is one thing...oysters are another. Wil always finds them. It could be that he is a little hard headed or it could be that he is lacking in the common sense area or it could be that he lost his shoes when he sank to his knees in the pluff mud. I am just saying he got some very deep cuts from some very nasty oysters. The blood that was pouring out of him mixed with the scent of pluff mud was enough to send this non-redneck mom (according to Noah of course) running from the fishing trip.
     To cap off the weekend we are celebrating Columbus Day from home because Noah and Gabe have developed some sort of nasty stomach bug (maybe it was the raw chicken form last night but since only the crabs were eating that I somehow doubt it) and I am a little worried about Wil's nasty cuts. Right now everyone is taking a nap and I plan on spending the next few minutes catching up on some new football terms. Hope ya'll had a good weekend.


  1. YUCK! Oh, those kinds of cuts hurt soooo bad. I can still remember the pain from childhood. When are you taking us out on the boat? we lost weight now so maybe all of us can fit, lol. I'm gonna update in an hour or so. I didn't know about the baptism service. Was it a runion too? These days we only get calls if someone is really sick and/or dead. The game was good, though I did not watch...I went to a social at the neighbors' house while Dewey was being a recluse watching the game by himself...glad it was a good outcome for some great partying afterwards with friends. Stay strong my friend...and the exercising will come with time...I lost my way for several years and now that Bonnie is getting older and involved in outside activities, I am once again able to find that time. Life! You are so very lucky to have so much family support but if there is ever anything I can do from afar, NEVER hesitate to call! 90210

  2. Bout time you posted something...PMS

  3. I was proud of Rachel, she watched a lot of the game and seemed truly interested. It was funny though when I could tell she was thinking "how hard could it be to go 10 yards in 4 plays."

  4. What? How can you NOT like the smell of pluff mud? I LOVE it! And I'm with the boys - it's soooo much better to play in it! BTW Wil needs a pair of rubber boots - Walmart has them.

    You and the boys need to come over sometime and we will all go crabbing. I'll borrow Mike's boat - yes, I do know how to drive it.

    I remember your PaPa coming down to the house at Buckingham and setting out crab traps. How well do you remember the house at Buckingham?