Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Ways I Would Rather Start My Day

It started out bad. I figured I would list the 10 more desirable things first and then give you the big finale and let you judge which you would take. I am not saying that this is the first time this has happened to anyone. It has even happened to me before. I would just rather it not happen....EVER AGAIN! Here it goes...
  1. I would rather get up at 4:30 in the morning, deliver papers in the pouring rain, on the blue Western Auto bicycle I got for my 10th birthday.
  2. I would rather eat eggs for breakfast. (If you know ANYTHING about me then you know this is huge!)
  3. I would rather have 42 hours of labor with no epidural (ok I have never tried labor without an epidural so this one may not count)
  4. I would rather go for three weeks without a cherry coke.
  5. I would rather have all of my radio stations only get the country stations. 
  6. I would rather have to take showers from here on out. (Just the thought of never being able to sit in a hot bathtub makes me want to cry. It's like the A-1 commercial...yes it's that important)
  7. I would rather wear corduroys in the middle of August. With a sweater. Just Saying.
  8. I would rather never see another musical for as long as I live.
  9. I would rather head shrimp in pluff mud.
  10. I would rather walk (uphill) across this bridge...

Yes, I would rather do any of these things instead of....well here is the deal. Gabey Baby woke up while I was still in the bathtub...so Charles put him in with me to just wash the overnight nastiness off of him. He is so cute and was just standing there speaking Mandarin (he is quite advanced...I'm not even teaching him Chinese he is just picking it up) when all of a sudden (can you guess where this is going?) he smiled an pointed to his stomach and POOPED on my leg (and in the water and on the side of the tub). Just remember...this is same child who had the stomach bug the day before. So it was about the constancy of...well I can't even think about it. Let's just say he mixed it up a bit. 
Anyway I could, for sure, avoid that for the rest of my life and never miss it!


  1. You are never truly loved until you are pooped on.

  2. I was glad I had to leave for work just then.

  3. Rachel, I promise that I am laughing WITH you.