Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I Know It Is Fall...

Could it be the beautiful colored leaves? No that won't happen here for a while.

Could it be the crisp cool air? Not was still 85 here today.

Could it be the cute jeans and sweaters people are wearing? No, most people are still in shorts.

Could it be the cute Halloween decorations that everyone and their brother are putting up besides me? Possibly.

Could it be that Baby Gabey decided he just HAD to take his plastic pumpkins to bed with him? Well it is a clue.

Could it be that since it is no longer 108 degrees outside with 452% humidity- the air conditioner in my car FINALLY decided to start working yesterday? Well that is a good sign and Murphy's Law but not really how I REALLY know!

How I really know that it is fall is when I go to Walmart EVERY SINGLE THING I TOUCH gives me a static electric shock! So annoying when you are trying to grocery shop. I ended up making Wil walk in front of me so that I could shock him before touching the metal shelves.That on top of the Christmas decorations being out before Halloween is enough to make me wanna boycott. I tell peeves against Walmart? I got 'em.

Shop somewhere else? Can't do it.

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