Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, The Drama and The Sister Wives

For the record this is my second post that is titled Oh, the....

We have started out the Thanksgiving Season with much to be thankful for. Noah and Wil should be thankful that they are breathing... It has been a rough few days on the behavior front. Gabe should be thankful his daddy is so patient when it comes to whiny, sinusy, grouchy babies. Charles should be thankful can't really think of anything right now because in all honesty he has been very helpful the last few days and I can't really pick on him. Finally I am thankful that my whole entire family has not disowned me because I am sure I deserve it.

We had planned on going as a family to see the AWESOME drama "This Man Called Jesus" in Columbia. However, with the sinus infection and the ear infection and the stomach issues, my mom, Charles and Gabey Baby stayed home. SOOO the plan was that Tom, Amy, Grannie Annie, The Four Big Squires Boys and I would head on up to Columbia. We were going to take Amy and Tom's van which is good because Charles is OBSESSIVE about highway safety and our tires are a tad bit on the (completely) bald side. The only problem is (and a math major I do not claim to be)  that there were 8 of us going in a car that only holds 7 and we didn't realize it until the morning of. And so there was MAJOR drama before the drama. Charles threw a fit about us taking our car and I threw a fit about not taking our car and Grannie Annie threw a fit about us throwing a fit. AND I have to admit that the devil was working hard in my house because before going to This Man Called Jesus there were some very bad words coming out of my mouth. It's a weakness and I know it. I apologize to my husband, my mother-in-law, my children (even the deaf one) and my dog for the nasty words that came out of my mouth. Anyway Charles gave in (he's a good man and usually does) and we took my car. It seats eight you know.

Whenever something cool comes along that we want the boys to do, Tom and I are usually the ones who take them to do it. I call him my faux husband (even though in all honesty we are so much alike and it really grosses me out to think of like holding his hand or something. Glad he is my brother-in-law and all...couldn't ask for a better guy but "gag me with a spoon" on the whole touching aspect of the husband part) Charles is usually working and Amy is usually keeping the baby or working on lesson plans so most of the time it's just me and the faux  husband. It's all well and good since all the boys look alike and one could very easily think that Tom and I have 4 good looking boys together...that is until Amy starts coming along. Then it becomes one weird sister wife thing with Tom and 2 wives and an army of little boys. The three of us walked into the convenience store and grabbed a whole bunch of drinks and Combos (which are the best convenience store snacks) and as we were walking out Amy said "We look like the sister wives again" and I threw up in my mouth just a little bit. It didn't get much better at the Cracker Barrel or when Tom said he was gonna buy a bus and paint "The Squires Family" on the side.

The real drama was fabulous! Well worth the trip and the whole sister wife thing. I posted the link above so if you get a chance please click on over and visit the website and if you can take a trip please go see it. Abraham the camel would love to see you. And bring the sister wives along...they'll enjoy it too!


  1. Love your blog as always.
    Jackie again- too lazy to log in.

  2. Too funny Rachel, although it sounds like it may not have been quite so funny when the "fits" were being thrown. Isn't it nice to look back and laugh!! LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

  3. LOL!!! Rachel reading your blog makes me miss y'all sooo much!!! Love love love your blog, and you too!!


  4. So true with the "sister wives" look-a-like. Ya'll are so much fun even WITH the drama...You make me wish I was there with you guys because I would be tagging right along with you and Tom...well Dewey would be too if he's not working...he's just one big kid. And me, well...I just don't like sitting in a house all day...can't do the couch potato thing very well. Lets take the kids camping some time...okay, well I don't do Beaufort bugs very well so I don't know about camping at Hunting Island. Does Noah's group still meet at Sesqui State Park? I love that park.