Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's Compare! A Christmas Checklist

So for some reason I feel very in control and unworried about this Christmas Season even though I have no presents under my tree. Last year felt wacky and wild so I have decided to compare Christmas 2010 to Christmas 2011.

Category 1- Out side holiday decorations:



One strand of lights, a Santa flag, no pumpkin but no picture.

Winner- 2011

Category 2- The Tree

2010- December 19th- Tree is in the house but no lights

2011- December 20th- Tree is up and decorated, but picture.

Winner- 2011

Category 3- Christmas Shopping

2010- The 23rd

2011- The 22nd

Winner- 2011

Category 4- December Blog Posts

2010- 5

2011- um counting this one? 1

Winner- 2010 (sorry)

So as you can see I am FAR better prepared this year than I was last year. Let's just overlook the fact I have no presents under the tree (or in my house for that matter).

Gabe on the other hand was NOT prepared to eat "Breakfast with Santa"

We ended up with a GREAT picture of Gabey with Santa...He just isn't actually on Santa's lap (or in the same room for that matter)

Look out for 2012 because the Squires may just have a tree up BEFORE the week of Christmas and Gabe may just sit in Santa's lap!


  1. Visit Robin's FB page and check out Hunter's Santa picture. It's a good one!

  2. TOO Funny!! I love GABE and JESSIE'S picture with Santa!!

  3. I have NO pictures of the boys with Santa because they would run screaming in the other direction every time they saw Santa.


  4. LOVE the Santa picture! We spend time teaching the kids about stranger danger and then expect them to sit on some furry old man's lap....