Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The End Of A Fairy Tale

So...Gabe has a special friend. Her name is Harper Katherine (Harper Kate Kate to those of us who love her). At about 8 months old their cribs were right next to each other and they loved to kiss through the bars. They find each other no matter what they are doing!

They like to get messy together.
They like to eat sand together.
They like to ride together.
They like to role play. Here they are doing a darn good impression of Bonnie and Clyde in time out on the wall. They had a child in between them pushing her back and forth back and forth! (I am channeling the "I'll Love You Forever book here...unfortunately they were not saying I'll like you for always or anything to that matter)

If you ask Gabe who his girlfriend is he replies quite happily "Harper Kate Kate".

That is until yesterday.

Yesterday they were playing with cars and Harper Kate Kate had one he wanted so he ever so gently reached over with his mouth and bit the first thing he could come into contact with...which happened to be her "private" (boobie).

She looked at Ms. Becki and said, "He is NOT my boyfriend anymore!"

I had high hopes.

I guess the romance was too good to let go. Christmas Parades can heal all wounds!

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