Thursday, November 10, 2011

Watch the Alpacas- They Spit

I went WAY out of my comfort zone yesterday and DROVE the bus for our field trip to Bee City...which my 4 year old friend Sam Brown pointed out really it wasn't much of a city since it had no towers (Tall buildings)-more like a farm. Driving a bus is not my idea of a fun field trip. Sitting on the back of the bus singing Sippin' Cider is way more up my alley! When I pulled back into town I realized my jaw was hurting because I had been clinching my teeth so hard. I had to take 4 motrin! I hope those kids appreciate those @#!* bees!

Just kidding.


Anyway, Bee City was so fun. We got to see a working hive (behind glass so no accidental stings). We could not find the queen...because really what 3 and 4 year old is going to look for more than 2.8 seconds for a queen bee? Maybe if it was a princess bee with a pink ball gown we could have feigned a little interest. Alas- no queen. We did however learn that all the girl bees are worker bees and the boy bees' only purpose in life is to go on dates with the queen and that they are the drones. I took this information home with me and have begun to refer to Charles as a drone. I am not sure how well our hive will produce honey since, as you well know, THERE ARE NO WORKERS BEES in this here hive!

We made many new friends at Bee City, which could technically be called Bee (Along With Some Marsupials, Farm Animals and Even a Couple of Gators and Prairie Dogs) City.  I was very tempted to bring home a Billie Goat (they were only $40.00 versus the $60.00 price tag of the Nanny Goat). The roosters were a steal @ $4.00 a piece but I am not sure how they would have made the bus ride. (Did I mention the bus ride?) My favorite by far was a very special animal. His (or her since I didn't check) beauty is beyond words. The sweet way it ate the feed from my hand and nudged me when it wanted more. I don't know why more of the children wouldn't feed him (or her).

Look at that smile. And the crooked head. Oh LOVE!

I will take him home and name him (or her) Fred.

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