Monday, October 31, 2011

Why I Should Not Put My Phone On Top Of A Car (or Why I Should Never Ask Wil To Load The Washing Machine Part II)

So I am phoneless again! I very brilliantly set the phone on top of the car while I buckled Gabe into his car seat. Then we drove off and heard the kerplunk. Unfortunately we didn't realize what the kerplunk was until we were in Charleston. By that time either the world's smartest raccoon had decided to start doing some Blackberry Messaging or some random jogger figured the could use a new phone. I am guessing at some point today I will call and report my own stupidity and pay the ridiculous deductible and get a new phone. Maybe God is telling me I don't need a Blackberry. Maybe he thinks I should upgrade to an Iphone. Just a guess on my part.

So onto my lack of a post last week. At least this time I had a good reason...

I tell you what, me and this hospital are getting to be on some bad terms! I honestly can't even tell you what went wrong. I walked down to Gabe's room at daycare and he was just a'fussin! It was a weird fuss so I knew something was wrong. I told him to walk with me and I took his temp and it was only 100.2. He climbed up on my couch and he started crying "my back, my back" like an 82 year old man. Now most two year olds do not complain about lower back pain so I made him an appointment at the pediatrician. I took his temp again before we left 102.1. Ooops!

We got to the pediatrician's office and he just went downhill from there. He couldn't go pee pee so they put a catheter in. Still no pee pee. So we got a nice little admit slip to go across the street and get a nice comfy bed and exactly no sleep.

I must admit I was a bit freaked out at this point because who really goes to the doctor and expects to be admitted to the hospital? I called Charles and asked him to meet me at the hospital. The conversation went like this...

Me: Gabe is getting admitted to the hospital can you meet me there?
Charles: Oh my goodness! Is he ok?
Me: Yes, but he really doesn't feel good and is having trouble going to the bathroom.
Charles: Well then can't you just get him in and I will be by in a little while?
Me: I need some help because I will have to get him registered.
Charles: Well how does everybody else get registered?
Me: Well everybody else may not have a sick baby when they register.
Charles: Rachel, everybody is sick when they register at the hospital.
Charles: Do you just want me to get you a good parking space since I am in my police car?
Me: Click.

He met me at the hospital. He just takes a little time to come around.


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  1. Entertaining read as usual. Hope Gabe is better!