Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am Thankful! (For Four Day Weekends)

After last year's holiday confusion I decided to get a jump on holiday preparations this year...meaning I spent this four day weekend actually cleaning my house. I say this because I really feel like the delay last year was because the house was such a wreck I just could not bring myself to decorate it.

Or maybe I am just lazy.

Anyway, after a very disappointing Black Friday (on Thursday) experience (the short of it- Walmart, line, 7:30 PM, 10th in line for a PS3- they only had 9. The 20 year old guys in front of me buying it for themselves. Jerks. So irritated I can't write in complete sentences. The ONLY upside? GREAT COMPANY with my bestie Jiffiner) I couldn't bring myself to get into the Christmas Spirit. I moped around the house and unfortunately in moping I did a lot of looking down. AND when I looked down I unfortunately noticed how disgusting the house was.

AND you know me I can't do anything in a small way.

Instead of just cleaning I decided I needed to:
  • Clean out my junk room so Wil could have his own room.
  • Clean out a dresser so I could give it away.
  • Move Wil's bunkbed into the newly cleaned out junk room.
  • Wash all of my laundry (which consisted of, no lie, 53 loads)
  • Go through all of our clothes and get rid of everything that doesn't fit.
  • Move Gabe's bed into Noah's room (because Noah doesn't like to sleep by himself but he drives whoever is trying to sleep in the same room with him slap crazy)
  • Train Gabe to sleep in his own bed so Noah doesn't have to sleep alone.
  • Scrub the Koolaide stains off of my counter.
  • Wrangle all of Gabe's toys into one corner of our house.
  • Work on potty training.
  • Try to rid the bathroom of the remains of said potty training.
  • Grocery shop.
Pat on my back- I did all of those things. Wil got to sleep in his new room on Saturday night. Gabe spent all of Saturday night in his BIG BOY BED! Noah was so happy to have a new roommate. My closets are very nice looking and organized. I was a proud housewife and Momma!

For exactly one night.

Wil spilled red Koolaide all over the counter Sunday morning. Gabe peed right on the floor of the bathroom Sunday afternoon. Noah acted like a fool at church Sunday night. Wil decided the bunk bed was too hot for sleep and spent last night in Gabe's old room. Gabe decided he really liked mommy's bed better than his BIG BOY BED. Noah stayed up half the night because he had no one to sleep with him.

AND now I have exactly SIX loads of laundry waiting for me when I get home.

My children may end up sleeping in tents in the back yard.

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