Monday, September 20, 2010


Have you ever had "just one of those day"? (I seem to be having "just one of those years") I pulled out of my house this morning and am just driving along...about 8 minutes into our ride Noah pipes up and says "Where we going?". I don't answer him at first because in my mind I am thinking...Really? Really? I just had 8 conversations with you about how it is time to get up and go to SCHOOL. Noah we are late for SCHOOL.Noah get up and get ready for SCHOOL! Ok Noah just put your clothes on and you can go back to sleep until it is time to get in the car TO GO TO SCHOOL! Really Noah, don't you want to eat something before SCHOOL. I thought I had made it quite clear we were going to SCHOOL! Apparently not for he is asking me "where we going"? I look at him with a look of love that only a mother who has spent 45 minutes trying to get her child out of bed could accomplish and said "We are going to SCHOOL!" To that he replied:

"You went da wrong way."

Ummm...oops. Yes, I went the wrong way. For 8 minutes. (like we have 8 minutes to spare in the mornings) Can we say Red Face? It is a really good thing we live in a town that is pretty much a circle so it wasn't the end of the world...just the end of our no tardies for the year.

It happens a lot...autopilot. I am going along and I end up in a place and I cannot remember how I got there. Or I am having a conversation and I look into the eyes of the person I am talking to and realize I have no idea what they are talking about. (Can I just say I was on total autopilot Saturday during that class...not that the teacher wasn't wonderful. I think she is as sweet as can be and very knowledgeable. I was just on autopilot. Can't remember a thing.) Am I that self absorbed? Am I just dingy? Do I have ADHD? I would like to think it is some disorder that I could blame it on but somehow I think it is more. My dad used to blow in our ears and say he was giving us a refill...he thought we were airheads.

So please, my dear friends, if you ever catch me with a far away look and I am not making any sense or I seem to be driving in the wrong direction...knock me in the head. And please do it before I drive 8 minutes in the wrong direction.

PS- I have attached photos of my boys in the morning. Please note that Wil is up and dressed, hair combed, shoes on, making breakfast. Noah and Gabe. Not so much!


  1. it is not caused by being an air head or some illness, it is caused by a recent very fast spreading and yes a disorder called using a cell phone while driving. Or texting wile having a verbal conversation at the same time. The feeling that came over you while in training was cell phone withdrawl.

  2. Kotina (neighbor from next door)October 3, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    Thanks Rachel for sharing this! Sometimes Tatiana says something and I think "Does she think I am stupid" only to have her prove as Noah did to you.....that yes, perhaps I am stupid(just for that moment of course. 99.9% of the time I am very intelligent...hehe). So this was classic!