Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh the Humanity!

Last week the Squires battled valiantly with a terrible stomach bug. It ripped through the house beginning with the small voice of Wil saying "Mom I think I'm going to....". Sweet Wil. At least he made it to the bathroom before he threw up! He said he "tried to throw up quietly" so he wouldn't wake Gabey Baby up. (I somehow think Gabey Baby was the carrier of this evilness since he was the only one to avoid it altogether. At one point he was pointing his little finger at the rest of us saying "sick sick". Ummm what kind of magic is in that little finger?) The rest of us spent the next 5 DAYS fighting the fatigue, aches, cramps, hallucinations, double vision, wheezing, rashes and sensitivity to light that went along with the bug.

Ok so I made up the  last five symptoms but it was bad I tell you! Bad!

I called in sick Tuesday since I was unable to make it more than 15 feet from the bathroom and I am sure the others here truly appreciated my thoughtfulness. (As much I as would like to think it untrue...the world does not stop, nor does it fall apart, when I am ill.) Since Monday was a holiday (as much good as that did me but thank goodness it was so I did not have to miss two days of work because surely then the whole place would have crumbled into a mass of rubble) the church had been empty for a whole day. Well you would think it had been empty, but no! Someone decided that our church educational building would be the PERFECT place to score some major bank. Oh yes people...the educational building. The masked bandit (I like to picture him or her masked because how else could you deal with the shame of breaking into a church's EDUCATIONAL building) made off with quite a load. The potato chips (minus the plain variety...those were left here...a chip connoisseur, I'm sure) and capri-suns must have fit nicely into the Lightning McQueen bookbag. The walkie-talkies were quite expensive and we really miss having them. I do hope that whoever this desperate (they would have to be right) person is can really use 8 walkie-talkies and 4 digital cameras. That is all they got...8 walkie-talkies, 4 digital cameras and a Lightning McQueen bookbag full of flavored chips and capri-suns. I am sure somebody's Grandmomma would be horrified to know that her grandson or granddaughter had taken to breaking in the Sunday School Department for a snack. My gracious...go to your own Sunday School building....I am sure if you asked any one of them would be able to scare up some goldfish crackers, nila wafers and some lemonaide.

If you see someone walking down Charles Street with a Lighting McQueen bookbag- don't offer them your last bag of Ruffles. They wouldn't appreciate them.


  1. I'm the first to follow. HOPE you keep up with this blog! Enjoyed reading :) Glad you are better.

  2. Kotina(neighbor from next door)October 3, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    WOW you are awesome!!!!! You should think about becoming a professional blogger! Kudos my girl...kudos!