Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Girlfriend

I know that one day my boys are going start driving. I know that one day my boys are going to have jobs. I know that one day my boys are going to go on trips without me. I know that one day my boys are going to need me less. I know that one day my boys will be going to go off to college.  (we can only hope and I am not sure how in world we are going to pay for it but none the less...) I know that one day my boys will have...GIRLFRIENDS! I am not ready for that and nor should I be. (a little pedestal talk here...children grow up way too fast these days and are exposed to way too much and back in my day I walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways) However the reality is I need to be aware that this will happen and if I have any hope of having any girls in my family, it better happen. (cause you really can't have granddaughters without your son having a woman to begin with)  

Anyway the day will come but that day is not today! Would you like to know how I know it's not today? Well you can bet I'm gonna tell you. It starts with a problem that any homes with preteen children have. It is an issue many of families bare the burden of. It is an issue that many after-school specials have been made about. (well OK they haven't been but they soooo should have) It is BO. Yes that's right. Body Odor. (or if you were a child in the 1980's Home Body odor...get it? Do you have HBO...then take a shower!) Yes that is right. My children stink! No, not stink...they reek! We have discussed it, We have begged, we have pleaded but my children do not like to wear deodorant. It is a problem I admit it. I also admit that every now and then I pull a Mary Katherine Gallagher. I was her for Halloween. Superstar. I digress.

I told Noah last night that he stunk...really bad...more than usual. I told him he needs to wear deodorant everyday! His response?

"I don't want the girlfriend. Sorry."

I am glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.


  1. lol, it is SO a boy thing. Thomas comes inside from playing and needs to take a shower, he stinks so bad. But he doesn't... And the girlfriends have already started. But "girlfriend" seems, for him, to be a girl that will talk to him online or on the phone....

  2. I don't know...Dewey says Bonnie stinks. BUT, she is all about some deoderant though...makes her feel big, I think. Or, maybe she just wears it because she tells me I stink when I get back from the Y and she fears the same smell...?

  3. reverse the psych!!!