Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am Tired!

It is Friday. I know that everyone in the free world knows that today is Friday but I just had to write it. As a matter of fact I need to write it again. It is Friday. I don't know why this week has seemed to be about 356,784 days long but it has. Not saying that it has been a bad week-it hasn't! Quite good in fact. I had a fabulous time with the chicks in the ever cool library book club on Wednesday and our Women's Ministry dinner last night was a blast. ( I have to admit I was not going to stay. Anne asked me and I said no. Heather asked me and I said no. Nila asked me and I said no. Debbie asked me and I said no. Amy asked me and I said ok. Sisters-what can you say. I am so glad I did. What a blessing!)

I am going to go off on a little tangent here so bare with me because this has nothing at all to being tired but I think we need to talk about this Women's Ministry Dinner a little more in depth. How fun to have a room full of women of different ages together sharing a meal. Greatness I tell you! The name of the ministry is going to be TAG-Touching All Generations. (or as Patsy's husband nicknamed it-Talk and Gossip...he obviously has not been to the ever cool Library Book Club) Amy and I had just a bit of an emotional moment when we realized that we were going to be singing the two hymns we sang at dad's funeral. It is amazing to me how much music can effect you (see earlier post...obviously if the cast of Glee singing Daydream Believer by the Monkees makes you boo-hoo then surely a rousing version of Because He Lives will bring a few tears to your eyes. And can I just back-track on that song for a minute. I distinctly remember as a child hearing "The Church Ladies" of the 1980's talking about singing "these new-fangled contemporary hymns...what ever happened to Oh God of our Fathers?"  We've come a long way baby!) Anyway Amy and I were on the verge of a very emotional moment when our wonderful speaker started talking about being labeled "beloved". Amy scratched a note that said "Amy means beloved". (We know what our names mean because Mom always brought us sweet gifts back from Ridgcrest with our name meanings printed on them) I scribbled back the meaning of my name. "Rachel means ewe," I wrote. Well in the fragile state that we were in we both read the napkin as "Rachel means eeewww" and we started giggling...then cracking up. Tears were really coming down know the state between really sad and slap happy. Yeah we were there. In all our glory. Let's just say "The Church Ladies" of 2010 that were attending the TAG event were thinking of "Touching All Generations" by way of smacking some of the late 30 generation. Anyway it was a fabulous night and I am looking forward to many more.

So back to being tired...I am. And my week is not over. I have training the crack of dawn (which is really 8:30 but on a Saturday it may as well be right?) I am hoping to hit the beach after training...I'll let you know how that goes. I walked out today and felt like I walked into a brick wall. Much to my surprise the thermometer on my truck only said  88 as opposed to:

So it should feel cooler right? Yeah not so much and that made me tired. I got a flu shot today. My arm is red and it itches and that made me tired. I had to pump gas today (My hubby did offer many times to pump it for me so this is in no way his fault) and that made me tired. My mom bought a toddler bed for Gabey Baby to keep at her house and I had to put it together and that made me tired. I woke up today and that made me tired.

My Gabey Baby and sweet Wil are spending the night with my mom so it is just me Noah and Charles hanging here tonight. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow not tired! (and also not so gets old)

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