Monday, September 27, 2010

Lessons in Little Boys

I have not had much of a chance to post lately, what with the hours upon hours of paperwork that we are inundated with at work. I need to post a picture of the paperwork because you just wouldn't believe it if you saw it. Remember the 152 hour meeting? Yeah- just showed us the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the paperwork. I am a little whiny about the whole situation but it is going to be a HUGE blessing for the center!

Let's talk about awesome was our interpreter Sunday morning? I am so happy to say that the church voted Sunday night and BCOB will officially be looking to start a deaf ministry! Did you catch my baby watching EVERY WORD that was signed? Pretty cool!

The Friends of Daufuski meeting was pretty cool too! My heart beats faster when I think about that island and the people who have made a life there! What can we do? How can we help? Keep praying!

When I got home from church Gabe went down for a nap. ( Thank goodness for that because the boy was slap-happy from lack of his afternoon snooze. He was WILD I tell you Wild!) I put on my new from Walmart PJ'S (which I posted on facebook that the devil made me buy because I didn't want to take them off to go to church Sunday morning. He works overtime on Sunday mornings!) and climbed into bed. Before I climbed into bed I noticed that Noah and Jake were around and being on the good side of mischevious. I turned the TV to the History Channel and settled in for a rousing show about hillbillies and moonshiners (I kid you not- the History channel is my first choice in Sunday afternoon tv) and I woke up two hours later with Billy Ray Cyrus telling me that was the story of his home and his people. Very good tv... I recommend it anyday. Anyway I listen for the two oldest Squires boys but unfortunately all is quiet on the home front. Which is not good news in any Squires house. I take a look ourtside and to my surprise it has stormed while I was "watching" the hillbillies. I go to ask Charles if he has seen them but ...he is asleep too. This is really not good. I call "the twin" mom (as Noah calls her) to ask if they were there (which is really kind of humilating since I haven't seen them in over two hours which means they were probably there for two hours) but she said she thought they were all at my house. Oops! Again, have I mentioned that I am 2010 Mom of the Year? So I buckle Gabe into the front seat (please refer to previous sentence) and go around the block to look for them (because heaven forbid I actually walk or do anything that remotely resembles exercise) Sure enough there they the rain...playing football. Oh my soul. Can I just say those two words I just have one other word...BOYS!

It made me think about some of the lessons I have learned about boys (starting with the one I learned that day...
  • If you are not waching them and it is raining...boys will be in the rain. They could be fishing or playing ball or jumping on the trampoline but if you are not there to say no they assume it means yes.
  • Boys think nothing of going four days without taking a shower or changing clothes. Especially if they are lucky shorts. Noah has his on right now. When he takes them off they stand in the corner by themselves.
  • Boys are born with the ability to make car noises. Test me on this. Give a car to an infant and he can make a car noise.
  • If there is a roll of duct tape around boys will find something to tape up. Even if it is their head...even if you about to walk out of the door to school.
  • Duct tape and hair- not a good combination.
  • Boys will watch turkey hunting on TV.
  • Boys think that the three second rule is more like a suggestion.
  • Boys think bodily functions are very cool.
  • Boys can take apart anything. Even if it is not made to be taken apart.
  • Boys can't aways put things back together...even if it is their Wii. (insert deep sigh...or expletive here)
  • If it crawls, slithers, hops or scampers boys think it is funny to throw it at you.
  • Even at the age of one there are times when a boy just can't be seen giving his mommy a kiss.
Now there are many other things that I could give you the low down on but to be honest, it wears me out just thinking about it. I guess one day I need to accept the fact that the sweet little dresses that I have saved in Gabe's closet (they are the ones that my grandmother made for my mother) will only be worn by a granddaughter.

My boys will make fine fathers one day!


  1. Rachel you always make me laugh. I love reading your blog...


  2. Crack me up girl! You should write a book!!!

  3. You should totally write a book! I havent laughed like that in a while!

  4. But when they hurt they want MOMMY!!!

  5. Kotina(still the neighbor from next door)October 3, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    Okay, can I just say that when I grow up I want to be just like you? You are fabulous....just fabulous dahling!