Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So This Potty Training Thing is Going to Get Easier...Right?

I know it has been a while since I went through this whole potty training ordeal with Noah and Wil. I didn't think I had forgotten the horror of the accidents. Apparently, as in child birth, my brain has decided to block certain aspects of the intense pain smelly remains of the potty training deal. OR maybe it is the fact that Sweet Gabey Baby may indeed be just a tad bit spoiled. (I know that if his teachers hear me say "He's my last baby" one more time they will revolt and kick him out of the older two year old's class and put him right back in the "He is really an older two but his mommy treats him like a baby so he is spoiled rotten" younger two year old class) He has decided that it is just way easier to have mommy and his teachers change his whole outfit than to stop what he is doing and go potty.

At one point the other night (after a particularly terrible day at work that I am just now able to talk about) I had changed so many pairs of Nemo, Thomas and Lightning McQueen underpants that I gave up and let him just wear a pair of pajama bottoms. AND it was in that time frame he decided that pee pee wasn't the only thing that didn't need to go into the toilet. It only got better when I picked the Walmart bag with THE HUGE HOLE in it to put the mess into. Now cleaning it up once is bad enough...but twice is when I give up for the night...put the child back into a pull-up and make cinnamon rolls for dinner.

Last night when I was packing his bag for school today I asked which underpants he wanted to which he replied..."I just want the diaper".

I may have hit my limit. I can only hope he doesn't go to college in a diaper.

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  1. I feel your pain. I, also, am undergoing the training of the little one in our family. I just finished potty-training the dog. I put my 2yo's training on hold until that was finished b/c heck, at least I can put a diaper on the baby. :)