Thursday, May 26, 2011

The United States of Zombieland

We have discussed many times (well I have written it and you have read it...let's call that discussing) my "Mom of the Year" status. Let's just say after this week if you think you are in the running to knock me out of my first place spot you will be sadly disappointed. Not that it is really exciting but let me fill you in on what's been going on in my world lately...

Wil made it to the space center and back without any accidental trips into orbit. I will say his teacher told me she "lost" him on the very first stop the bus made. If ANY child were going to be left in Florida, it would be Wil. The highlight of the trip for him seemed to be when the bus they chartered got pulled over 15 minutes from home in the middle of the night. Good Times, Good Times! I am so glad the fortune it took to get him on that field trip was worth it. Here is the one picture I got of him on the trip. If you can't tell what he is doing- he is spitting spitballs...because that is ALWAYS the thing to do in casual dining restaurants.

I love the overly guilty look in his eyes, the fact that he is not at all worried over the fact that he got caught and that he was blatantly spitting spitballs at his friends while sitting right next to a chaperone. He really had a great time and I am thankful to his teachers who put up with him all year!

Noah and I took a trip up to see our state's School for the Deaf and Blind. Noah is feeling very alone and we thought we should take him to see what his options are. Our good friends (who also happen to be his teacher and interpreter) set up a whole tour and road trip! How lucky are we? Tanya (my friend and his interpreter) Noah and I hit the road Sunday after church. Unfortunately, the school is four hours away but it made for a fun ride. Tanya and I laughed and joked (and let's face it gossiped) while Noah fretted over the fact that "he didn't want to go and why did he have to go and if he had to go why did it only be Noah, mom and Tanya cause that BORING". I wish that Mr. Webster could have struck the word boring from the English language because it seems to be the only word Noah remembers lately. He was excited the next morning to tour the school (and by excited I mean he didn't throw a fit and refuse to leave the house and the word boring was only mentioned a few dozen times instead of the normal thousands). We could tell he didn't hate it because he even asked for my phone to take pictures. Here is his view of the school...

I had to take over...
We had a great time but we have left it at that. We are waiting on him to discuss it. BECAUSE Heaven knows...if we like it he will HATE it. More updates on that to come but keep us in your prayers concerning his happiness and future.

Tanya was nice enough to rent Noah a couple of videos to watch in the car and in her defense she asked if I had any restrictions. Being "MotY" I said, whatever! Noah's pick? Zombieland. Because Zombies and road trips are a good combo. He loved it so much he watched it again with Wil when he got home. It must have really stuck with Wil because the next night at his showcase (which I did not remember we needed to go to until approximately 6:30 that evening-side note-it started at 6:00 MotY) this is what I saw...

Now, he has been working on this roller coaster since approximately 2007 (or January) and the fact that these "embellishments" made it onto the coaster in one day and that you are in fact able to read what is written is itself a miracle. The fact that the roller coaster actually works should not surprise you at all. After all it is Wil and he will always be QUITE CONTENT.


  1. GREAT!!!! I love your blogs!

  2. The term boring is just part of the teenage vocabulary. It lasts a couple of years - until they can get a drivers license. Can't wait to read those blogs!