Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He Missed Going Into Space by This Much!

So it was a very early morning (along with a late night of laundry) as I dropped Wil off to go on his Florida Field Trip! He was bedside himself with excitement. Not enough excitement to pack his own suitcase mind you... just enough to drive me a little crazy. He was very disappointed to see that the space shuttle took off before he could get down there. I just picture that great 1980 movie Space Camp with Leah Thompson where they accidentally get sent off into space and Leah has to save the day by stabilizing the rocket out of a tumble and she is just not confident enough to do it.

I can see Wil floating around in space.

I bet he would trip over something.

It is another big day in our household...Charles and I have been married for 15 years. I put my facebook status as  "15 years ago I married my best friend blah blah blah. Dear Charles I am so happy we have not killed each other yet. Here's to another 15 years without any trips to the Detention Center for Domestic Violence ".  We are just like that. Not mushy gushy at all. My mother-in-law is always worried about us because she thinks we are fighting. I have to remind her that is just the way we talk to each other. He is more sentimental than I am. AND he never reads this because he says I never talk about him. Hello?! It is a blog about me.

(That Toby Keith song is playing in my head as I type this- I wanna talk about ME)

Anyway he is a great husband who does far more that his fair share of vacuuming (but mainly because clutter on the floor bugs him and I could care less) and cleaning the house. He cleans out my car (but mainly because crumbs bug him and I could care less) and pumps my gas. He puts rain-x on my windows and reflective tape inside my doors (you know in case I am stranded in the rain on a dark highway with my car door open). He mows the grass and checks on us in the middle of the night when he is working. (I cannot attest to the last statement since I am snoring at the time but I give him the benefit of the doubt). He goes for months on end with an ingrown toenail and broken teeth because he knows we need money for other things. He's pretty cute too! AND he puts up with ME!

It always has to come back to me.


  1. lol, and I was there on that fateful day... Ready to pop out a little human that waited until July to come... Congrats on the anniversary!!!!! Love to all!

  2. Charles has your anniversary gift in the mail to you:

  3. Way too much info. Also, I live with slobs.

  4. If you didn't know the above comment was made by the one and only himself.

  5. Happy Late Anniversary!!! You guys are a perfect match! I love you!