Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Am I Crazy Or Is He? I Am Pretty Sure It's Him.

The letter for today is C. As in Crazy. And Carlos. Carlos Irwin Estevez AKA Charlie Sheen. I have to admit while most girls of the 80's and 90's were locked away in their bedrooms at night drooling over Teen Beat's latest picture of Tom Cruise or Patrick Swayze, I was in fact pushing the pause button on a drugged out under arrest Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Who would have guessed how prolific this scene would be? I had pictures of him on my wall. I watched Platoon, Young Guns and the aforementioned FBDO with the fervor of a lovesick stalker. I daydreamed about him taking me to a rollerskating youth fellowship and about just how jealous all of the older girls were going to be when I showed up with Charlie Sheen by my side. I even day dreamed about how good old Emilio would make such an excellent "Uncle Emilio" when we had babies. Now Charlie was not in a whole lot of movies and I was pretty sheltered. Where this obsession came from is a good question. It really makes me wonder (esp now in hind sight) what the attraction was. Am I crazy right along with him? And let's face it- he is the poster child for the big C right now.

I am also beginning to worry about the middle child. He may have a touch of the crazies too. He was all excited to tell me about the Marines Corp Band Concert at his school the other day. He was going on and on about the band and then he broke out the big news. He said, " And Mom! They started Playing 'The Saints Go Marching In" and I went up to the Sgt. guy and asked him if I could do the worm in the aisle and he said YES!" I asked if any other children were break dancing. No. I asked if any other children were dancing. No. I asked if any other children were moving in any way, shape or form. "Well they may have been swaying just a bit". Just imagine it-the stately Marine Corps Band playing The Saints Go Marching In and Wil doing the worm in the aisle.  Please let me state right here (if you don't already know) that God did not bless me with ANY dancing ability what-so-ever and Wil is defiantly my child.  I am not sure if it looked like the worm or if it just like some poor child having convulsions. He was so proud. "I must have been really good because they started taking pictures of me!" (insert me shaking my head side to side and making that tsking noise with my teeth) Poor Wil. I will share the pictures with you all if I ever get my hands on them. A video would be better.

Anyway, here's hoping your teen idols will always be memorable and your children will not be rushed to the ER for seizures while dancing!


  1. Todd said, make sure you keep the pictures for his future senior ad in the yearbook :)PMS

  2. Take it from an eyewitness...he was good. I wrote about it in my blog, but with a slightly different tilt. LOL!

  3. So good to hear from you! You're right, those early NICU days are a complete blur :) It's wonderful to see Gabe doing so well! I can't tell you I remember all the details, I wish I could, but I do know that NICU means a rocky start. I love seeing success stories like yours :) Thank you so much for getting in touch!