Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Don't Want In My Kitchen or alternately titled Maybe I Should Put A Screen On That Window

Yesterday was a hard day. If you know why then you can certainly commiserate with me. I know time heals all wounds and obviously two years has certainly dulled the immediate pain but our shock and hurt and disbelief is still very real. I am playing Scarlett, which is my favorite game, and I will think about it tomorrow. Which would technically be today but since it is not today but tomorrow then I will think about it then. Can you follow that logic?  It's logic like that, that keeps me sane (almost).

Gabe and I spent the day at home just snuggling and watching Glee (cause you know that boy has some groove) and not doing laundry. Now about Glee... I was raised a true Southern Baptist Girl. I never spent my teenaged years doing what those kids on Glee were doing Tuesday night. I got drunk exactly once in high school. I just figured one time of throwing up (and more) in front of my father was quite enough for me. And let me just tell you, in case you have not ever experienced this for yourself, Grape Mad Dog 20/20 tastes bad enough going down...there are no words for it coming back up. I felt for dear Rachel on Glee...gray vomit in your hair would be enough for most girls to give up on the whole drinking issue. I speak from experience- even if it was just once. AND HOW ABOUT Ke$ha's (or my new favorite line from Glee Ke-dollar sign-ha) "Tic and also the Toc"? So wonderful. I almost felt like brushing my teeth with a bottle of's just the gray vomit you know. Let's just say Wil The Christian Music Police just happened to be away attending school while this episode of Glee was aired in the Squires' house. Would not have been good any other way.

It was a beautiful day and I opened the windows to air out the house (smells like dirty laundry imagine that). Now I should state that at one time all of my windows had screens on them. BUT with a houseful of boys doing things like building a miniature version of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in my back yard things like that seem to disappear very easily. I should have thought better of it but I opened it anyway. Take my word for it hind sight is 20/20! I saw it on the kitchen floor. I saw it there and didn't investigate. I am glad I didn't. Charles was the first to almost step on it. He was very calm. "Look there's a snake... in the kitchen" That was enough. I screamed...Gabe screamed...Charles looked at us with disdain. I am sorry. A snake. In my kitchen. Still moving. It was obviously a thoughtful gift brought to us by Maggie the cat. I am not an outdoorsie kind of person. As Noah has so beautifully informed me, I am not a redneck girl. I don't do snakes. Especially not in my kitchen.

If anybody out there is has some extra screens just hanging around...I would be very happy to take them off of your hands. I'll even trade you a snake chasing cat for it.


  1. Oh Rachel!!!! Our cat brings us yard rats and birds along with frogs and such so I can TOTALLY relate.... Love you and just remember your dad's laugh and huge smile that lit up his face. It might have been him that left that present....

  2. I thought about you all day yesterday and hoped that it wasn't too hard for you, even though I know it probably was. At least you had a snuggly little boy to hang out with. And bust a move with. And scream with. And speaking of Gabe, I thought he was going to go John Cena on Ms. Dee this morning because of the way she was staring at his grilled cheese.....I love your kids!

  3. Dear Rachel,
    I have been thinking about you and your family so much these past two years. I am so sorry and my heart hurts for you so much. Thank you so much for your posts. You have missed your calling my dear, you have come so far from the towel soaking teenager that I grew to love, to such an expressive young wife and mother. You should be publishing these things and having people pay to read them! You could hire someone to do your laundry! Thank you for taking the time to do this, I love it!
    And love you too!