Friday, February 11, 2011


I haven't commented on Glee in quite a while. I think it is simply because I was abjectly opposed to some of story lines going on in prime time television. (Not enough to quit watching mind you...just enough to quit writing about it) My kids don't need to see girl lovin' or boy lovin' or boy/girl lovin' for that matter but thanks to the DVR they can still enjoy the ridiculously over produced numbers that make my heart soar! AND you know that is EXACTLY what Noah and Wil want to see. I am tremendously excited to tell you that Gabey Baby on the other hand LOVES the music. The other night when what's his face started singing Silly Loves Songs that boy got down! I am going to have to video him. I am a little ashamed to say that I have caught him singing "bah bah bah New York" a few times and I am thinking I MAY have watched the season premier a few too many times. 

So Wednesday night when May May picked up Gabe from his class he was and absolute mess (believe me it all comes back to Glee, I promise). Noah and Wil were already in my office and when Gabe joined them my heart just welled. With Joy, you may think...I am so lucky to have such wonderful children. With Pride,  you may think...These Squires' boys are so smart and handsome. Well you can just think pride and joy but the real answer was fear. My heart welled with fear....fear that children's services was on the way to arrest me for neglect. Gabe was missing a shoe, had yogurt all down his front, his hair was sticking up all over the place, his fly was down, his onsie was unbuttoned and sticking out of the front and the back (potty training you know, NOT) and to top it off the green and yellow stuff coming out of his nose was about the color of the inside of a dragonfly. Wil had painted at school and had paint on his fingernails and under his fingernails and up his nose and on the bottom of his boots and somehow in his belly button. Noah had not washed his hair in about 12 days (if you missed my status update his answer for this was, and I quote, "I try but when I ask my hair my hair say no. I can't wash the hair if the hair say no and it all your fault cause my hair too long and if my hair too long then it not dry and then the hair say no and I can't wash the hair. and it all your fault.") and his pants were pulled so far down that you could see his boxers (which he probably put on dirty because there are only three pair in the whole house that he will wear)and he would not quit talking about his back. "I hurted the back in dance and that teacher make me dance and I no like the dance and it a slow dance and it hurted my back so bad". If I heard about the back ONE MORE TIME I was going to take him to the doctor and demand them to fuse his spine.  They were a sight. I took a picture for prosperity.
Needless to say we did not stay for church. I just couldn't take it. 

AND THE BACK! My word the back. I still have not heard the end of the back. Noah got into the car yesterday and complained about his back. I finally made him show me what dance he was doing. I got a little excited when I saw his moves. He raised his arms over his head and turned to one side and then he turned to the other side. His hands were in a claw like position and being a child of the 80's I recognized it immediately! Thiller! How coincidental that Noah's middle school would be teaching the the exact same dance that was on Glee just 5 short nights ago. His Humanities teacher must be a musical theater nut too! AND I just happened to have it on the DVR still (because let's face it I would erase Wil's Kindergarten graduation before I would erase an episode of Glee) so I cued it up to the BIG moment. I gathered my children around me and pressed play. I just knew they were going to love it. Who could not love a bunch of zombies stomping around the football field in full makeup? I wish I could show you the face of my thirteen year old when he gave me the best "Are You Stupid" look I have ever seen. (honestly Noah doesn't say are you stupid- he say "that the dumb in the world". If you get this comeback, please know that you have been put in your place because he means it) He rolled his eyes and would not even bring himself down to the thriller level to give me an answer. 

My curiosity got the better of me ad I called to ask his interpreter what dance Noah was learning. Tai Chi. My child is doing Tai Chi not and I repeat not Thriller. My dreams of Noah being in his very own Glee club has been pushed even further out of my grasp. I guess I will hold out for Gabe...

Bah Bah Bah New York.

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  1. I have a 17 year old nephew who looks like he hasn't washed his hair since he stayed at my house when he was 12. What's the deal with boys and soap/water?