Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sock...I Mean Birthday Party!

Is has been a whirlwind of Birthday parties around here! And I tell you what Gabey Baby has been loving his birthday week! Yes a whole week. Aunt Anne and Baby D were going to be out of town for the actual big day but since Aunt Anne is my own personal baker we celebrated the birth of the youngest Squires a week early. And please check out this cute cake!

 And how about this motley crew...

 Well after a week the real birthday rolled around and we felt we need to acknowledge that so...we had another party.

And if we could just talk for a minute about his birthday baboom balloon. He felt he needed to bring it to school with him the next day.

The whole affair took on a new meaning when Amy said "Hey do you have any of Jake's socks because we are really low".  To which I replied..."You are welcome to have any socks you want if you will match my socks for me." AND being my dear sister she replied sweetly..."Of course". And then I brought out the big guns...

Yes people! That is THREE laundry baskets full of socks! Black ones and blue ones! Small ones and Charles ones (meaning large)! Don't you all wish you had a sister like mine?

This is the story of how we celebrated my sweet baby's 2nd birthday...twice. Now if I can bother you to watch this same sweet baby near the time when he was actually born. We worship an AWESOME God!

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