Friday, January 14, 2011

If Nothing Else Facebook Is Good For...

...your self esteem! It was my birthday this week and I got so many Happy Birthdays! Probably more than I have in my whole 30 some odd years of living! I am so thankful for all of my friends and all of the well wishes. I loved the article that said children born in 2011 will never know about long lost friends! What a cool concept!

I have been busy spinning wheels this week. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything. Charles would tell you that I accomplished keeping my nose in my book Kindle and paying no attention to my family.

My name in Rachel and I am a Kindleholic.

It is an exciting week in my hometown. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is filming and boy oh boy are the cynics out! The local blogs are having a field day! "Oh ABC could have found a needier family" "It is a military family...they could live on base" "These people don't have cancer or anything?". I think we have become hard to the plights of others. We think only people who are in death beds deserve to have wonderful things happen to them. Well here is how I feel about the situation (because I know you are dying to know just how I feel)...

I am jealous and I wish I had sent in a dern tape.

Oh yeah....and I am really happy for the family.

With all of the birthday wishes and MLK day coming up I thought I would share a few of my wishes and dreams...

(it's a random post sorry)

I have a dream-
                         that one day I will live in a house with solid doors (not these fiber fill cruddy doors that just kinda bounce around when you slam them. They are really bad for my dramatic effects) a fireplace and a few stairs.

I have a dream-
                        that there will come a day when I can go to my freezer and my brain will not automatically make my hand grab three double stuff oreos.

I have a dream-
                        that one day I will be able to leave my children in a room by themselves and not have to worry about which one will be bleeding when I return.

Oh a girl can dream!
I will leave you with a a picture of a cutie.

If you can't tell what the heck that is a three pacis. AND please note the pink one in the front. It is now his favorite!

Happy Long Weekend! (I will be doing laundry if you couldn't guess)


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