Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Good News and The Bad News


Can you believe it? Noah was watching the Discovery channel the other day and I sat down to watch it with him and what he was watching made me want to get out the Oil of Olay and hit the 4:30 early bird dinner buffet up at the Holiday Inn. He was tuning in to learn all about "Technology of the 1990's". Now I know I am getting older. Two of my children never even saw "The 1900's" as Wil calls it. (Example- "Mom! Look! There are two Corvettes! One is a 2008 and the other one is from the 1900's" It was a '98.) But I tell you this show made me feel OLD! It had everything from the first digital camera to the first shoot 'em up video games to the Global Positioning System and everything in between. Did I know I was that old? Did I know my children have never experienced the world without these things? Did I know that a DVD worked differently than a video tape? (Yes I think I did on that last one) During that one show I came to the conclusion that although it is nice to look back I wouldn't want to go back. I also came up with this...Good News! The world is changing and technology is making life easier and easier! Bad News! I am getting old!

So here goes my Good News/Bad News list for 2011!

Good News! It's a new year...a clean slate!
Bad News! Started the new year with a broken pipe and no water (so even if the slate was dirty I couldn't have washed it) and a little PMS mixed in for good measure!

Bad News! Broken pipe leaked all into the living room.
Good News! Water logged living room made me get off my butt and take down the Christmas tree.

Good News! Christmas is over and we managed to buy gifts without racking up huge credit card bills!
Bad News! Christmas is over and we are now broke with 5 birthdays in our immediate family in the next three weeks (not to mention 4 cousins).

Bad News! Noah's good friend moved back to Mexico on Christmas Eve.
Good News! Haven't gotten that far yet. Maybe that we know somebody in Mexico now?

Good News! School is in session and we have made it on time for three days in a row!
Bad News! Almost 100 more to go!

Would love to hear some of your news- good or bad! Happy 2011!


  1. lol, Within less than a weeks time, we added a drain field, had the heat go out in the house and fixed and the washing machine broke and we had to buy a new one.... Everything broke in 2010 though so maybe my 2011 will not be broken? lol

    We still need to get together!!

  2. You forgot a couple. Good News! My son will has a chance to go on a field trip to NASA (in Florida). Bad News. It costs...well let's say with all those upcoming b-days... Too much.

    Good New! There is going to be a yard sale fundraiser to help pay for the trip. Bad News, the broken pipe ruined some of the "treasures" I was going to sale.

  3. My kids HATE riding in the car with me b/c when we're in Mama's car, we listen to Mama's music. Music by Elmo, Barney, Winnie-the-Pooh, Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers is BANNED from my truck (I'm not gonna lie to ya...I do kinda like some Hannah Montana). I enjoy torturing my sweet children to the sounds of great artists like Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd (Camille: "Mom who are THESE weirdos?") mixed in with Beach music and lots of Country. I hope that in doing this they will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of music. If not, they have IPods and coloring books that will just have to do until they are old enough to drive. And that's all I have to say about that.