Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lessons in "Little" Little Boys

A few months ago I gave you my Lessons in Little Boys, which I am sure you all found so very enlightening. It seems that in having children so far apart there are things that I have forgotten. Important things. AND I spent today relearning lessons in "little" little boys. And because I AM a giver by nature, I am going to share them!

  • When cleaning the house, make sure you put the blue crayons WAY up on a shelf...or else...

I have found blue crayon on the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the wall and the floor. Actually I didn't really find them...Gabe grabbed my hand an said "Color color color" and showed off his version of impressionism. I myself have always been partial to Romanticism on canvas. Just Sayin.
  • Speaking of cleaning the house...please make sure you either put the Oreo's WAY up on the shelf or move the stool... or else...

Oh a boy after my own heart!

  • If you choose to give an (almost) two year old boy leggos make sure they are the big ones...because when an (almost) two year boy old dumps out those little tiny leggos it really hurts when you step on them.
  • If you give the box of baby wipes to your "little" little boy to let him clean a not expect there to be any wipes left the next time you need to change a yucky diaper or wipe a runny nose!
  • If you let your precious little baby boy play with your cell phone please expect them to place a call on said cell phone at a very inconvenient time.
  • Just like little boys, "little" little boys will play in the rain if you let them. Remember if you don't say NO! it means YES!

You are more than welcome to comment on how precious this is. I love how he is full on running!

  • If you allow your child to know what a Coca-Cola tastes like then that child will want some of your Coca-Cola every single time you have one. Join the war on drugs coke and Just Say No!
  • If you take your "little" little boy to Walmart you must keep him entertained! He is not like a little boy who can help you unload the cart or carry the groceries into the house. No, he is a ball full of Walmart fit throwing potential that must be handled with extreme caution.  

  • Count every minute you have with your "little" little boy because this...

turns into this...
and then turns into this...

I do hope this list comes in handy!

Now for an update...
      We still do not have a Christmas tree. That's all I have to say about that.

Lastly- please say a prayer for my Noah. He is having a very difficult time right now. He is so insecure and is having just an awful time dealing with fears and what I can only call "quirks". Thirteen is a tough age and middle school stinks so add some difficulties on top of it and you can start to imagine what we are dealing with. Please pray specifically for him to realize how much we love him and that he is not alone.

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