Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cold Side of the Pillow

     This has been a pretty unpostable week. I am just going to spend this post filling you in on some details that no one really needs to know about but I am going to blog about anyway.  I took two days off last week but still managed to accomplish nothing. The laundry is still piled to the ceiling (no exaggeration there) and not one Christmas decoration has been put up in my house (the outside has successfully become white trash Christmasfied). I am really on the ball this year!
     There has been a huge change (for the not good) in our house in the last month. It involves Gabey Baby, an owl, his crib and a very bad habit! You see my perfect child USED to get sleepy, run to his room get in his crib and fall asleep. Please note the use of the verb in the past tense not the more desired present tense. A while ago, Gabey Baby spent the night at Amy's house (aka May May) and was kept awake by a pesky owl that had parked itself right outside May May's window. With every whowhowho Gabey would break out in a NO NO NO chorus and the entire house was sleepless...that is until May May, out of desperation, got Gabe out of the pack-n-play and put him slap dab in the bed with her. Now Gabey Baby takes after his father in the sense that he likes to snuggle and being in the bed with his favorite people on earth is much more preferable to sleeping in a crib in his own room. The snuggling coupled with the guilt of Charles' "he's your last baby and he is only going to want to snuggle like this for a little while" has caused me to give in and let Gabe sleep in the bed with me. (I know, I know...bad habit, bad choice, shame, shame,shame) Being the perfect child that he is, he usually snuggles down into his pillow and doesn't move for the rest of the night. I, on the other hand flip and flop and turn my pillow to the cold side approximately 5,687 times a night. Needless to say I am not sure how he rests so peacefully with me in the bed. Wednesday night however, my restlessness must have rubbed off on him and he somehow rolled off the bed and hit the dresser...hard. His little nose is so banged up. It is skinned underneath and the blood mixed with a runny nose has made for a weekend of wonder! Nothing like dried blood mixed with dried snot! (TMI I know)
     I went to a lovely Children's Committee Christmas party last night and it was so good to get away! We all laughed and joked how the husbands were home watching the kiddos, giving us all a well deserved break for some adult conversation. Then my friend S's phone alerted that she had a 8:00 pm on a school night mind you. It was from her husband and it said..."pick up some burgers on your way home...the kids are hungry". Yes, he had not fed them dinner AND this was S's fault (according to her hubs) because she had not let it be known that she would not be home in time for dinner and if he had fed them and then she came home to feed them then he would have been wrong to feed them. Make sense? FYI for all you men out there...when in doubt feed your kids. It can't hurt them...unless you feed them raw hamburger or something. Well I chuckled to myself and counted how lucky I was to get away with no complaints from the homefront for my 2.5 hour Christmas party because let it be known that everyone in the Squires' family is a huge complainer (including me). I was feeling pretty pretty good about this....until I got to my car (which I had parked at Lowes so I could ride with a friend) and saw this....

Oh, doesn't my husband have a wonderful sense of humor? A little passive aggressive don't you think?  I did not take a picture of the other side which said "abusing help". So, I enjoyed the Christmas party and I bet it is the last one I go to this year!


  1. LMBO!!! Thats absolutely hilarious Rachel!
    I love yall and your blog <3 jess

  2. I just read this to KW.....he's giving a big hats off to Charles for a job well done!!