Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I Should Never Ask Wil to Load the Washing Machine

I have been crying since I got to work. And if someone comes and asks me what is wrong...I start crying again. I know I should be writing a post about how great the kids are doing on their first week back at school but alas...I am lamenting over the fact that my best friend is no longer with me. My Blackberry has pass away (as Noah would say because he thinks dead is a mean word) AND can I just say that it all comes back to the freaking laundry? I swear I am going to move to a commune and go naked forever because I HATE LAUNDRY! Since the laundry fairies came and washed every stitch of my clothes while I was away at Passportkids! this summer I have been under pressure to stay on top of it and not allow more than one hamper to become full. The pressure I tell you! I asked Wil to throw the clothes into the washer last night because heaven forbid they were beginning to pile up. He did and I started the washer and it wasn't until a the complete wash and spin cycle finished before I realized my phone was GONE!

To top it all off when I called this morning it is the only phone on my plan without insurance. Great! Have I mentioned the other two phones on my plan are lost in the woods thanks to my children?

So world- as the global markets fall apart and children are starving in the Sudan- my Blackberry is gone.

At least it smells April Fresh. Thanks Tide with a touch of Downy.

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