Monday, August 1, 2011

I Know What I Did This Summer

Well, I know what I did this summer right now but come September I may very well have forgotten every bit of it SOOOO.... how about a little visual reminder in the form of grainy pictures from my cell phone? I know you all are on the edge of your seats wanting to know what exactly has kept me from my bloggy adventures so I give you the 2011 equivalent of the really boring slide show your grandparents would show after they got back from their yearly trip to see the leaves change color.

Starting with the most important and most not boring thing of the summer! And that is...

Olivia Anne Trezevant
And can I just point out that she is a girl? I know at times I overstate the obvious but I really think it needs to be reiterated that she is a precious pink little girl and she is part of MY FAMILY! I could not be any more excited! We love her and we love her mommy and her brother and I guess her father too!

Next up on the list is our annual River-Rat reunion. I will spare you the pictures of the adult river rats because let's face it- fat, white rats are not very attractive but little brown ones are cute as can be!

FYI my big boys skipped the river-rat party this year and thus accounts for the van having about 3 gallons less of pluff mud this year. Also the sand and dirt factors went way down. 

Next on our exciting summer journey (for real cause we had lots of fun and I am almost ready to sell my car and move to Daufuskie- all except the whole no fast food on the island detail and also the no grocery store because my children would eat up all of the food in the house and then I would have nowhere to go and get more that did not involve a 30 minute boat ride. Just me a diva. Oh and also the fact that it would probably cost a million to move there and I have exactly $19.34 to my name right now)

Our Very Hard Work

Our Excitement

Our Transportation

Our Very Historically Accurate Tour Led by DJ and Myself

Next stop on our summer tour takes place on top of a shrimp boat because isn't that where all great adventures begin? I foresee our next 8 birthday parties taking place on a chartered shrimp boat!

We also hung around the house and town some...
Looking for shark's teeth

Playing a little ball


Hanging out at the Drive-In (and stranded a fool. What will they say Mon-day at school

There is much much more to our summer adventures but I am not sure ya'll can stand the excitement. As you can see we have had a lot going on SOOO can you please excuse my lack of interesting reading if I promise to fill you in on all of my school shopping and last minute summer reading? I promise to make it worth your while (or not).

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