Sunday, June 12, 2011

And I Don't Even Have To Take A Shower Tonight!

I realize that I had some incomplete thoughts in my last post and the main reason for that is this...

Is that not the most pitiful thing you have ever seen? Poor baby! Anyway...Wil was green when I picked him up for his suspension... and the reason was... he had a dosey of a migraine. We could not get rid of it and it took a trip to the ER and a nice cocktail of morphine and zofran to get him to the state where he could open those little eyes. So you can better believe that although I do not disagree with a suspension for Wil choking a child I will be putting a letter into the school district stating that he ended up at the ER and maybe just maybe there was a reason Wil could not keep his hands off of a child who was "buzzing" nonstop in his ear.

Well he recovered even though he was the only child to miss his fifth grade graduation. Mom of the Year! We have started summer and even though it was a day and a half early we are off to a good start.

I got Gabe the cutest little sprinkler that you put balls in and the shoot up in a stream of water and the hang there suspended in mid air. Oh boy does he love it! He played and played! AND THEN.... the big boys came up and just like Emril they decided to kick it up a notch. What could be better than using it like a water T-Ball set so they got the bat out. Well this ended the innocent fun and began the "how hard can I hit this ball before it makes a dent in Grannie Annie's car" phase. Then we moved into the "how can we take a water hose and create something that we could potentially break our neck on" phase. I have mentioned once before how my children like to destroy property and they are not very particular about whose property it is. I came outside after not hearing the boys for about 10 minutes and this is what I found... (a picture couldn't do it justice...I had to video it)

The best part about it was the entire bottle of soap that they used to make the transition from the slide to the slip easier. Wil uttered the now famous words..."and I don't even have to take a shower tonight!".

I see another trip to the ER in our near future.

Next week will be all about VBS and all things Egypt! Please say a prayer that the children will be blessed, the volunteers will be blessed and that Charles and I came survive the week!

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