Monday, April 11, 2011

From The Ho Chi Minh Trail to Trench Warfare

It was another beautiful weekend even though there was a huge chance of thunderstorms on Saturday that kept us from going to the beach (much to the swamp boy's dismay) that never happened. By Sunday we had lost the will and motivation to go. (AND WE NEVER HEARD THE END OF IT!) The boys had to find other ways to amuse themselves. Number 1? Well they dug up the Tide Box Time Capsule and scattered the contents all over the back yard. Charles was out there at 10:00 last night searching for the knife so it didn't end up in someone's pocket this morning. (He found it so no worries about a gang of skinny white boys on the loose with a knife)So if any of you had taken an over/under bet on the capsule...7 days is the answer!

I also thought it would be nice to show you the progress on the World War 2 style trenches that have emerged since the tunnels were judged too dangerous. Please note...they were not filled in as was at some point suggested. That would have been boring.

I would like to offer that the piece of plywood that was placed on top of the trench is SOOOOOO much safer than the tunnels were.

Look how smooth those walls are.

I am also under the assumption there is still some tunnel activity taking place when no one is looking. Maybe they don't realize the war is over. Or maybe being under a ton of dirt is just too tempting for a swamp boy.

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