Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An ANNOUNCEMENT and The Tide Box Time Capsule

I have started this post over and over and over again! I just have never gotten the time to finish it and now there is so much to say that you will all be bored to tears in about 4.8 minutes! But not before this little announcement...

I wish I could tell you that this was my ultrasound and that that joyous little word-GIRL- was for me but alas, no. BUT it is still joyous because this precious little peanut is my niece and I could not be more happy! My sweet sister-in-law Anne will be popping this cutie out in August and I cannot wait! I am a little worried for all of my pink fantasies since Anne is not exactly partial to pink. I am sure she will let us dress her in a little pink as long as it is not too frilly and we limit the size of the bow we put on her head. So prayers to this little family! I love you guys!

Onto some more not so precious things. It seems The Squires Boys have gotten together and decided to change their name. No longer will you be looking in the hometown paper to see what "those Squires' boys" have been up to...now look out for The Swamp Boys because it is so much catchier. Have I mentioned that we live in the LOW COUNTRY? The Marsh Boys would have been much more appropriate. I guess the marsh doesn't have the same appeal as the swamp (even if the same alligators live in both). Anywho The Swamp Boys had spring break last week and had to come up with new ways to entertain themselves. If you are a facebook friend then you have already seen these but they are so worth sharing again. After all who can get enough of little boy ingenuity? First there was the new game of hide and seek Hide Gabe.This went on for hours (or in real time instead of little boy time about 30 minutes) and here was the winning hiding place...

He just sat in there with the vent cover up and waited for those swamp boys to find him. I have to admit if I hadn't known where he was I may have freaked out just a tad. For the record the ventilation system was not on at the time of this game. Thank you for refraining calling your local Child Protective Services Office...until you see the next picture.

Next was a rousing game of Let's Put Gabe in Timeout! Look what the swamp things came up with (really I should specify this was just one swam thing and their swamp girl YAYA.)

Oh what fun! Just so you know there are no straps on that car seat...only Noah's belts. I think Gabey Baby may have taken his Superman powers a little too seriously.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I had the windows and the back door open. Gabe and the boys were running in and out playing so nicely in the back yard. I had my nose in my Kindle (and not doing laundry). The twins were over playing along with Jake and Heyward so that made a total of 7 (yes count them 7) boys running in and out. I started noticing quite a bit of whispering as they came in and more than a little sneaking when they were headed out. I heard the words time capsule and my interest was a little peaked. What would my boys think was worth saving for another generation? I gave them enough time to fill it up before I went to investigate (or translation-I finished the book I was reading before I went to take a peak because there was no blood or broken bones or screaming so I took advantage of a very nice quiet time for me). By the time I got around to seeing it Amy was there so we had the unveiling together. They had to dig it up (because what is the fun of a time capsule if you can't dig it up 50 times before the day is over) and un-duct tape the whole thing. They had made very good use of an empty Tide Box because after all they are all over my house with the amount of laundry I do. Here is a list of what was in the Swamp Boy's Time Capsule (and don't fight over who is going to dig it up)
  • 2 Army Men
  • 1 pocket knife that was supposedly hidden form the swamp boys but obviously not well enough
  • 2 lanyards filled with Disney pins that cost me about $4572.00 on our last trip to Disney
  • 1 rolled up picture of Nana
  • 1 framed picture of my mom and dad (which I promptly took out of the time capsule)
  • 1 picture of my dad and all the boys
  • 1 picture of Noah and his best friend Brayan who has disappeared back into to Mexico and we will probably never see again.
  • $15.00 worth of change nicely wrapped up in duct tape
  • 2 dollar bills thrown in for good measure (which I also promptly took out of the time capsule) 
  • 1 ball (which Gabe made them take back out)
  • 1 pacifier (which Gabe then thought better of and went back and got during the unveiling)
  • another $5 to $10 dollars worth of change wrapped in duct tape because who can really ever have enough...and as they stated it is their money.
They retaped the entire Tide Box in duct tape and reburied it (did I mention they reinforced the sides, bottom and top of the hole with some extra T-111 siding that was just laying around in the Ho Chi Mhan trail our backyard? This time capsule will be safe until the end of time...or until they need their money next week. I am counting down. I will let you know how long it lasts.


  1. Here's a link to a video I thought you might like. How's the "Wolfman"? Is he feeling better?

    Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine

  2. That is freaking hysterical. Gabe is definitely the stunt double (guinea pig) of the family. Who better to hide in walls or strap to freestanding items then the one who CANT fully enuciate. LOL!

  3. Hahahahaha!! Rachel, that was great! I miss yall, we need to visit soon! Hopefully we will have time to visit next month :D


  4. Man, I was really excited about the pacifier until you said he took it back out! I really wanted that!